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Bradford city fire.

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yami On September 11, 2016


grimsby, United Kingdom
#1New Post! May 11, 2015 @ 10:04:04

It’s the 30th anniversary of the Bradford stadium fire.
One of the blackest days in the history of football.
Let’s remember the fans of lost their lives when we sit in our modern and safe stadiums.
We owe those that died so much. Though there is some controversy over how the fire started. Was it an accident? A lit cigarette igniting some litter or was it something more sinister? A fire, deliberately set by the owner to claim the insurance money?
There is a book out by a fan, who lost family members that day, who alleges just this as this was the 8th fire that the owner of the club has had in his business empire.
But would he really have deliberately started a fire in a football stadium full of fans just to save his business?

My heart goes out on this day to those that lost their lives and loved ones but I praise the spirit of the fans and the burns unit at Bradford hospital for the way they coped with the disaster.
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