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Anybody here uhh plays some good ol' retro games?

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KiiJax On November 22, 2021

Memphis, Tennessee
#1New Post! Nov 22, 2021 @ 16:37:42
Tbh I just want someone to talk to about older games
so uh if you play any games like Sonic, Crash B., Spyro, or even R&C hmu i guess?
desu_vult 15 minutes ago

Tel Aviv, Israel
#2New Post! about 2 hours ago
I have nothing against retro video games but to be perfectly honest. I'm not for them either. I like it when games are making progress, but I don't think there are bad video games overral. I played morrowind, I like games like earthbound or the pokemon series. maybe megaman. I think there are plenty of great old retro video games. but playing them in a not so old computer sucks. it doesn't have the same feel to it. you have to emulate it and it doesn't 'feel' quite the same as buying it you know? like you aren't supposed to play it for long. maybe? you can just open it up on browser I suppose. and unless you're used to playing it you'll soon move on to something new.

as for those like mario or other similar stuff, there are plenty better games to replace them who look and sound the same. maybe like hollow knight or binding of issac I suppose. I just like those games better than the old retro ones. but if you hand me a console with mario in it that would still be cool I guess.
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