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Antrax Person Of Interest Commits Suicide

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kitty On August 07, 2008


Arlington, Tennessee
#1New Post! Aug 01, 2008 @ 21:26:01

I've followed this wack job and the FBIs investigation since the first anthrax letter was sent out. I've worked in food and medical device arenas for the past 24 years.
There were medical journals and microbiology journals that made me sick when I would read them only to find this guy was recieving awards for his efforts with anhtrax vacination work etc.
I'm so glad we the tax paying people don't have to pay for his contribution to medicine anymore.

I placed a link for those who want to reserch this more.

Many of us in the medical arena have known he did it for a long time.
The only right thing this guy did was execute hiself.
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