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mvanepps1 On January 25, 2005

#1New Post! Jan 20, 2005 @ 09:03:00
kohhrjacker On February 19, 2014

Kohhrgypt, New Zealand
#2New Post! Jan 20, 2005 @ 18:25:54
Hm. Although one did have a cool screensaver. But still I don't like them. Did you know they held a world record in advertising?
Ko On January 25, 2011

949 Orange County, California
#3New Post! Jan 21, 2005 @ 06:03:03
Well the only reason MAC sux or it seemed sux is that its computer parts r expensive. Even the software cost 200% more or less than windows'. So the most affordable one, (uncustomized or known as store products) are made out of cheap parts and sux.
justjohn On January 12, 2006

Madison, Wisconsin
#4New Post! Feb 12, 2005 @ 10:26:02
I agree that macs are generally inferior
neonbagpiper On August 03, 2005

Salt Lake City, Utah
#5New Post! Apr 27, 2005 @ 18:11:59
Macs actually arn't inferior, listen you people have probably only used a mac
once or twice in your like i live with both, i still have and operating mac for 12
years ago. The PC's then wouldn't do a thing. Though I do agree macs are a
bit pricey both the OS and the hardware are much better builds. Windows,
starting lets say from MS-DOS hasn't changed, it is just a series of front ends
build up on each other. It is a bit more complex then that though really it can
be compared to a pile of junk over series of years it just keeps building up
and the stuff stays, some may decompose but most of it stays. The reason
macs are not customizable, this applys more to the G4-G5 models, is
because you can most of the parts are so precise that they would be
destroyed if touched by human hands so they can't be fondeled with, and the
parts are custom for the machine. the G5 heatsink is so big that if it was
flatened out i would be bigger then the tower. Also macs don't contract as
many virus due to the built in authentication process. My PC I bought 5-6
years ago dosen't work nearly aswell as my 2 SI (1980's)
neonbagpiper On August 03, 2005

Salt Lake City, Utah
#6New Post! Apr 27, 2005 @ 18:13:51
Oh and you guys are messing up your facts Apple has barley advertised until
the 3 gen ipods and it didn't boost until the 4gen so yea
blender409 On February 20, 2008

Chanhassen, Minnesota
#7New Post! Apr 27, 2005 @ 19:04:31
Mac was the original personal computer, and the first to use the mouse-display connection!
prom83 On August 06, 2006


Somewhere, United Kingdom
#8New Post! Apr 27, 2005 @ 19:58:51
Nothing wrong with Macs. I use two (iMac and iBook) and both work fine.
They are responsive, and enable me to just get on with what I wanted to do,
and not worry about silly computer problems.
This appears to me like the thread was started to start a flame war and
nothing else, as the orgional poster never gave any specifics.
secretvixen On December 08, 2009

New York City, New York
#9New Post! Apr 27, 2005 @ 20:02:12
arent the apple computers old?
eeor3 On November 18, 2015

Grant, Michigan
#10New Post! Apr 27, 2005 @ 20:05:44
Not the new ones. I dont like apple because I am so used to the ms I cant even change browsers.
prom83 On August 06, 2006


Somewhere, United Kingdom
#11New Post! Apr 27, 2005 @ 20:07:16
Apple computers have been around longer than PC's and new ones come out
yearly. They are as fast, if not faster at certain applications than current PC's.
eeor3 On November 18, 2015

Grant, Michigan
#12New Post! Apr 27, 2005 @ 20:08:19
That is true they are faster and they crash less.
neonbagpiper On August 03, 2005

Salt Lake City, Utah
#13New Post! Apr 28, 2005 @ 00:05:34
macs were no the first personal computer, but they were the first user
freindly computer. and even after apple bought out the interface from ibm
(those sorry saps lol) MS took several more years to catch on to the idea the

z: mount dir "home/adsa/asdasda/

how ever the hell you do it was pretty dated the second you could use a
mouse. Apple has been the harbinger of innovation. For example, they, even
though they no longer contiue in the field, made the first PDA, the Newton. I
actually wouldn't call it a PDA since it was bigger than your hand but they
were the first to do that, quicktime is another first. there wyfi is better than
any pc i have ever used.
jedi_master On February 12, 2009

Nuneaton, United Kingdom
#14New Post! May 31, 2005 @ 14:19:20
Generally speaking a Mac is best used for more specific programs, I'm a sound designer and I use Macs for all of my work especially pro-tools which is much more mac friendly. (so next time you watch a movie the everything you can hear probably comes from a mac!)
PCs are easy to use meaning any idiot can use windows to type letters, draw pretty pictures with paint and log onto forums to slag off apple.
The price of each computer probably just reflects the income : IQ ratio, so that's why macs cost more.

Seriously though I have a PC just for the Internet but it keeps breaking, I have my mac for working and it hasn't so much as crashed in two years. Its a question of OS stability.

Interestingly anyone thinking of buying an X-box 360 don't, the new PS3 will have the graphics of two apple G5's.
annski729 On July 24, 2016

, United States (general)
#15New Post! Aug 30, 2005 @ 14:13:12

I have one upstairs and I was just using it and it's such a pain.
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