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A woman takes a lover home during the day while her husband is at work.

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HiImDan On August 25, 2022

Cleveland, the boil on the but
#1New Post! Feb 01, 2010 @ 17:32:56
Her 9-year old son comes home unexpectedly, sees them going at it on the bed and he crawls into the bedroom closet to watch.

The woman's husband comes home early. She puts her lover in the closet, not realizing that the little boy is in there already.

The little boy says, "Dark in here."
The man says, "Yes, it is."

Boy - "I have a baseball."
Man - "That's nice."

Boy - "Want to buy it?"
Man - "No , thanks."

Boy - "My dad's outside."
Man - "OK, how much?"

Boy - "$100."
Man - "Sold, but you have to keep quiet about this.."

Boy - "OK."

In the next few weeks, it happens again that the boy and the lover are in the closet together.

Boy - "Dark in here."
Man - "Yes, it is."

Boy - "I have a Wilson infielder's glove."
The lover, remembering the last time, rolls his eyes and asks the boy, "How much?"

Boy - "$400."
Man - "Highway robbery. Sold."

A few days later, the father says to the boy, "Grab your glove, let's go outside and have a game of catch."

The boy says, "I can't, I sold my ball and my glove."

The father asks, "How much did you sell them for?"

The boy says, "$500."

The father says, "That's terrible to overcharge your friends like that... that is way more than those two things cost. I'm going to take you to church and make you confess your greed."

They go to the church and the father makes the little boy sit in the confession booth and he closes the door.

The boy says, "Dark in here."

The priest says, "Don't start that again, you're in my closet now!?
missygnome On October 05, 2010

lancashire, United Kingdom
#2New Post! Feb 01, 2010 @ 18:07:59
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