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25 Mind-Blowing Things Likely To Happen If Dems Succeed In Removing Trump From Office

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MisterX On January 02, 2020

Saint Petersburg,
#136New Post! Jan 02, 2020 @ 16:22:25
@DiscordTiger Said

I’m down will all sorts of reading. It’s good for the soul to learn more. Even if you disagree, to know the position you are better off.

I hear you about the poor health it’s a b****, and it does color a lot of are actions.

Should I stay well, I have intentions of reading hard works. And I have plenty of them in my house, I love hard things, and I love the inventors and scientists, who cracked the codes, and gave people good inventions. For instance, I am a real fan of Edison, and I have been for over 50 years.

My next book reading is going to be The Gulag Archipelago; I have had it on my list for 25 bloody years, and it is time to take it off my reading list.

PS: It begins very well indeed; and I like his style, Solzhenitsyn was an excellent man. The punks that came for him, and the prison industry that incarcerated him, were systematical beasts, and devils. There is a lot to learn, from what he endured.
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