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arod On December 19, 2008

NYC, New York
#16New Post! May 19, 2006 @ 23:48:38
@oreo_man Said
stupid copy-cat retarded apples!!! whod buy such a piece of
crap, all people who actually know a thing or two about computers (INCLUDING THE PRICE)
would never buy a apple!!! and most programmers make there own computers, and its
always microsoft, cause who da hell would buy apple????

and you can get the huge screens that are like $3000, but when you open a program its
still regular size!!! grr...

plus they dont have the same programms, they dont got simple stuff like notepad, they
just got stupid itunes, (wich windows midia player kicks its ass)!!!!

grrr.... i hope some terroist bombs their company... and mcdonalds too

Ok...first apple has Microsoft office for mac so you win their. If mac users want small stuff
like calculator, and post its you can get them from the dashboard a MAC ANLY feature
which you can download widgets of anything. Actually you can burn CDs from iTunes and
not from Windows Media player...mmmmmm. why the price - much faster, no viruses and
more features. Ummm...still regular size when you open an application? uh, pleze that is
not true unless you have evidenc e(there is none) b****!!!!

Copy cat eh...i wont even start

arod On December 19, 2008

NYC, New York
#17New Post! May 19, 2006 @ 23:52:22
My gosh oreo_man is an as
surfinrach90 On June 14, 2011

Neath, United Kingdom
#18New Post! May 19, 2006 @ 23:59:13
lol 13 and he thinks he knows the world of computers... I'm not saying i am... I admit I've learnt alot from reading this thread but like... geez dude.... your talking asif your Bill Gates or something... why does it matter to you ?
el_diablo On December 19, 2008


Maui, Hawaii
#19New Post! May 20, 2006 @ 00:23:05
This has already been done.
stumblinthrulife On April 16, 2008


Lake Saint Louis, Missouri
#20New Post! May 20, 2006 @ 00:32:31
Does it really matter?

Why does everyone feel the need to continue this argument? Why can't PC users just use PCs, and mac users use macs?

I've had enough of the same old argument re-hash. Locked.
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