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HR 1 For the People's Act and Vote Fraud

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4d4m On January 16, 2022,
#1New Post! Jan 10, 2022 @ 19:01:27
Vote fraud allegations and complaints really took off in the 2000s. 2000 is the year George Bush Jr lost the popular vote but won the election with the electoral college.

This was the first time it happened since 1888.

It happened again in 2016 and quite possibly in 2004. We'll never know about 2004 because the recount of the vote in Florida was cancelled by the Supreme Court.

One concern among voters is the possibility of voting machines being hacked. Currently there is no federal requirement to get voting machines disconnected from the internet. Any software engineer from Microsoft could hack the ones that are still connected.

The districts that created Trumps win by slim margins in Minnesota and Wisconsin were connected to the internet.

HR 1 For the People Act is a bill Biden and the democrats have been trying to pass since his inauguration. The efforts have been sabotaged by party traitor Joe Manchin. The current congress is halfway over and midterms are coming up.
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