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(January 6th 2021) A better way to get through to people?

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Electric_Banana On January 14, 2022

, New Zealand
#1New Post! Jan 06, 2022 @ 09:54:27
I'm a socialist.

Watching a doctumentary on the show of power on the US senate my partner was taken back that I appreciated the Conservatives psuedo-insurrection at the same time I found it terribly stupid.

I don't believe that the vast majority of the mob really knew what they were fighting against or for.

Being a person who doesn't like to see people suffer, were I to rally a mob together myself in a similar situation, I would do so peacefully by encouraging everyone to damn their country.

More effective than fists and riots I think a collapsing economy and a Democratic country who continue to have 100% wins for the Democratic party would speak more than the 6th did.

The Trump supporters instead leaving their places in police, military and any other job that mostly benefits the country as whole more so than themselves.

As well practice spending much less with only a focus on necessities.

When people brought up current politics or the state of the world to them the only reply they would have would be something to the effect of 'Not My Monkeys / Not My Circus.' or 'Good luck with that.'

Total apathy, passive-aggression and complete disassociation with the country and what it stands for.

Can you think of others ways to effictively encourage the people and their state to be more accountable?

We've entered into a new age of hiding behind monitors and people are getting away with far more than they ever would've a hundred years back as they don't believe they have anything to worry about when in acting injustly in the shadows and behind closed doors.
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