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how would you do this design, from the video link, in the description?

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JosephAsimeng On September 07, 2021

Bronx, New York
#1New Post! Sep 07, 2021 @ 03:11:17
Without telling me to look it up online, without sending me youtube links, without telling me to join design courses or any of that stuff, Just please tell me how you would do this design. Step by step. In words only. The video link is right here: 2d animation video link-vimeo
Na On 58 minutes ago

, Florida
#2New Post! Sep 08, 2021 @ 19:37:31
1. Open Windows 10
2. With your mouse, left click on the windows icon in the lower left-hand corner
3. From the All-apps option, use your mouse to navigate down to the p section and find an app called "paint." Conversely, Type { paint } in the "Type here to search for Paint.
4. From this point forward use the Paint app to draw single images to draw pictures. You will be using your mouse as a drawing tool and you will select the paintbrush and color of paint from the options on the top side of the computer screen.

5. Create an image and save the image as a png file.
6. Create another image very similar to the first but make slight variations.
7. Keep making and saving images with paint, each new image slightly different than the last as a moving picture from the earliest movies. Think: "I'm making a movie using still images kinda like a cartoon flip book but all digital.

Your goal here will be to upload these images once you are done into a video editing software program such as Adobe Premier.

If you don't have Adobe Premier, purchase Adobe Premier and install it on your computer.

Congratulations. You have completed the task.
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