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Bloody Foreigners

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dookie On about 1 hour ago
Foolish Bombu

, United Kingdom
#1New Post! Oct 14, 2020 @ 09:39:40
Irrespective of the claims of many (the "I'm not a racist but" brigade) it was the subject of immigration that won the EU Referendum in the UK. The "we beat 'em twice in the war (i.e. Germany) and STILL they tell us what to do" argument that resonates with the Brexit faithful.

We are all immigrants: it simply depends how far back you go. As any who know our history are aware, Britain has "absorbed foreign genes since it was first discovered by continental wanderers." And to the advantage of all - this beyond dispute.

When it suits the cry goes up "we are a Christian nation" but exactly what does that mean? That we welcome the stranger as Christians are instructed to do in the book none of them read? Well, no. More "Charity begins at home" THAT'S more like it!

Alas, I feel more and more alienated in my own country.

Reading recently........"It is strangely easy to forget that immigrants are often, and by definition, entrepreneurial risk-takers and rule-flouters, with a keen sense of individual liberty. The big idea of globalisation, for instance, is that the world should uproot the barriers to the free flow of trade. Yet few of the world’s richest countries are happy to extend this freedom to the free flow of labour. Goods, services, capital – these must be allowed to run free. But people must be shackled at all costs."

So, shackle the people. Let the money flow free.
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