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Oh dear

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dookie On March 17, 2021
Foolish Bombu

, United Kingdom
#1New Post! Sep 09, 2020 @ 08:30:31
This is what comes of electing a buffoon to be PM.

Boris Johnson now drafts a Bill that is acknowledged by his own Government will break International Law.

So Boris gets the Opposition to agree to a snap election by taking No Deal "off the table", wins that election by having an "Oven Ready Deal" signed, sealed (but not delivered) and now, as No Deal fast approaches, proposes a Bill to eradicate from his Deal (agreed with the EU) those bits he no longer likes.

This is the guy who lied to the Queen in order to illegally shut down Parliament (the heart of UK Democracy), sacked twice in his career for lying, and has an unspecified number of "love children" roaming the country (yet who said children of single mothers were 'ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate' in order to whip up his fan base)

Polls show that quite a number of people still think he is doing a "good job".
gakINGKONG On April 19, 2021

, Florida
#2New Post! Sep 09, 2020 @ 17:42:44
What Can the matter be?

Lita Roza. Woot.
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