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dookie On 37 minutes ago
Foolish Bombu

, United Kingdom
#2011New Post! Jun 26, 2020 @ 18:26:16
@Jennifer1984 Said

Spurs, eh..? They're a bit of a 'nearly' club, which is a shame because I quite like them. They should win more trophies.

I originally come from Greenwich (Blackheath actually.... where the London Marathon starts every year) so by default I'm a Charlton Athletic supporter. Not that I go to football matches. My dad took me to a Boxing Day match at the Valley when we were in the Premier League when I was about 17. I read a book all the way through the game. I didn't like the live match atmosphere. Football grounds are a very hostile and intimidating environment which I'm not used to.

I had never watched a football match before Euro '96 when my mates at school and I got into the whole "Three lions on the shirt" thing. It was kinda fun.

I tried to support Charlton but it coincided when the team was in decline and we were bottom of the Premier League. One week, when my brother in law had to work and couldn't take my nephew to one match, my sister suggested I take him and use the spare ticket. He said "No way mum. Ever since she's been supporting us we've been losing every week. Aunt Jenny's a jinx." That put me in my place.

I like football very much, but only as an armchair fan. I love sport generally, especially rugby union. I played women's rugby at university (centre threequarter) and my (then) girlfriend (now my wife) played in the pack. We had a blast. Girls behaving badly.

I grew up in the Rugby environment at Blackheath RFC. My dad used to play for them back in the amateur days. He played back row forward and used to take me to matches there. It was laid back, friendly. When dad rocked up at the Rectory Field with me in two his mates used to shout out "Brought your fan club with you again, eh Kenny..?" But they were all lovely to me. As a little girl I could run around with the other kids and dad could stay in the bar after the game with his mates and not worry about me.

Wife and I both love almost all sports. We still play netball for a team in the local league. We're both Olympics junkies. Winter and summer games. We went to London 2012... we had tickets for two days in the stadium, the highlight being when Jamaica won gold, silver and bronze in the men's 200 metres. Fantastic... Amazing. Nothing like it in the world.

Wife and I like to ski in the winter. We both have memberships at our gym and I take long, clifftop runs to keep fit. Amanda (wife) swims and is a qualified rugby referee. We have all the sports channels on TV and it seems to have rubbed off on our daughter. She's a born swimmer and shoots a pretty mean netball too.

So....... that's the sporting "me". It would be interesting to discuss sport with you. I'm sure you must have some views on football. Do you enjoy other sports..?

I'd love to chat. I look forward to it.

Hello again, yes, Spurs. Funny enough at school as a youngster it was Norwich City, a team that captured my imagination early on when I watched the Football Trains roaring past our home when the Canaries reached the FA Cup Semi-Final as a lower league club. They lost to Luton but all the scarfs and fanfare must have touched my heart. I had no love of Spurs then - when they did the Double in the early sixties virtually all my fellow pupils were Spurs "supporters" (AKA "glory hunters"!) and I tended to go for the underdog! But when I left school and wanted to spread my wings I sought a London club to support and Spurs was the one ground you could get to without the rather daunting hazards of The Tube, which I feared!

I have memories of some great games and watching some of the great players of the sixties and seventies. Then I tied the knot with the love of my life - now heading for our 43rd anniversary - and I needed to tighten the budget! Trips up to London were out of the question.

Well, enough for now. All the best.
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