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What did u dream about last nite??

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mrmhead 3 minutes ago

NE, Ohio
#751New Post! Jul 10, 2019 @ 21:06:01
I had a "Zombie" dream last night ...WTF - I don't even care for zombie movies anymore.

A few people representing my family were with me at home. It was dark outside. Typical - be quiet, keep lights off. Of course some noticed us and started breaking in and we had to retreat to the basement - though I don't have a basement in real life.

We knew we just had to make it to sunrise and they'll go away.

... My dreams almost never come true - so that's a good sign.
mrmhead 3 minutes ago

NE, Ohio
#752New Post! Nov 07, 2019 @ 01:50:45
This wasn't last night, but another post reminded me of one a few nights ago:

I've mentioned somewhere that I used to "Fly" in my dreams, but "mad" because I haven't for a long time.
Then there's the far-and-few-between lucid dream opportunities...Well

(Queue dream shimmer and harps)

Me and a "dream-friend" were in a car. He was driving. We were going along a familiar road, uphill, rural landscape.
As we got to the top of the hill, it was actually a cliff - that hadn't been there before.
In dream-fashion-next-scene I was laying down at the edge, hanging onto my friend dangling over the edge.

And in a spark of multiple thoughts at once:
1) This is my chance to fly!
2) Am I too awake to fly?
3) What if I drop my friend, and he doesn't know how to fly? .. He'll die.

I decided to hang on to him and ... / scene-cut to something else ...
darkman666 6 minutes ago

Saint Louis, Missouri
#753New Post! Nov 07, 2019 @ 03:39:50
I dreamt last night that I shot an elephant in my pajamas. how he got in my pajamas , I never I know!
Electric_Banana On May 21, 2020

, New Zealand
#754New Post! Nov 07, 2019 @ 08:53:20
My dreams either take place in Bardo or I'm (and most won't believe this) 'occupying' someone or some fecking electronic device out there somewhere (last time I was a wee Pakistani kid waiting in an airport and standing up backwards in my chair).

Legba/Hades always takes on the visage of someone you knew and will appear in your dreamscapes most nights. They're usually the last person you would want to have to deal with again but have to in order to help you keep the rest of Bardo's denizens from making prey of you.

Nights when Legba is on smoke break (or some s***) it's my mother or sister and they've always left me stranded hungry, tired and far from home late at night; wouldn't wait for me to get in their car.

Then, every so often, I have less annoying dreams where it appears I'm lounging about with flusies in Bardo's brothel...the past few evenings have been like this for me. Even though still bleak I won't complain because I'd rather be among the promiscuous than the cannibal sect I often find myself walking on glass around.
mrmhead 3 minutes ago

NE, Ohio
#755New Post! Dec 28, 2019 @ 18:10:09
I dreamt I was shot in the head.

I was in my parents backyard (where I grew up) and at a house behind us and a few doors down there were some other people in the backyard doing "something".
As I was looking at them, a gun went off and I could see the bullet heading right for me (it was not an intentional shot). Of course I tried to get out of the way.

I woke up some nebulous time later in the hospital. Disoriented, slow, hardly able to speak. According to the other dream-players I had woken up a few times before, but I didn't remember.

It was kind of a bummer dream.

Then in other, separate dreams I had later, I was kind of messed up, chaotic and hard to follow myself - thinking now, but not realizing then, kind of like I was still affected by the gunshot.

It was kind of a bummer night.
darkman666 6 minutes ago

Saint Louis, Missouri
#756New Post! Dec 28, 2019 @ 18:41:15
I usually get 2 to 6 miscellaneous dreams of sorts of dreams every night that nothing to with anything. nothing that spooky or violent in them most of my life.
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