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Twitter Banning ALL Political Advertising

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Leon On December 28, 2019

San Diego, California
#1New Post! Oct 30, 2019 @ 20:24:29
Probably the best way to deal with all the misinformation and trolling ahead of the 2020 election. Facebook should follow suit.

This is not in violation of 1st amendment rights. It is a private media platform deciding what to include in it. People can still speak in public and say whatever they want.
chaski On about 6 hours ago

Tree at Floydgirrl's Window,
#2New Post! Oct 30, 2019 @ 20:52:23

Twitter wants no political advertisements.

Facebook is happy to have political advertisements that are false.

I see a problem with the term "political advertising".

After all anyone can still make political statements that are based on false informant/lies... "you" just can't do it as an "advertisement".

Is a "meme" an advertisement?

I think a better option is to have a strict set of rules that are enforced regardless of any political view: If the advertisement (political or non-political) is found to be "false" or "misleading" then it is removed. If a person or entity posts "false" or "misleading" information more than "X" number of times, they are suspended for a period of time. If they do it a 2nd time, they are banned for "X" number of years. If they do it "again"... life time ban.

Or something like that.

It being a "given" that some leeway would be given for "opinion"... Example:. Creation vs Science >>> opinions.... that are not blatantly false or misleading advertisements.
4d4m On about 3 hours ago,
#3New Post! Nov 04, 2019 @ 00:32:38
I think this whole thing is a sham and here's why; with all the political ads, false or true and from the US or Lord knows where, Trump still lost the popular vote. He lost by 3 million votes. So any amount of false political ads on Facebook didn't have the desired affect anyway.
The reason he won we are told is because of the Electoral College. I'm not sure I buy that. With all the attention in the press given to Zuckerberg and Facebook as if they are the cause - I believe it less.
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