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Jennifer1984 On May 31, 2020
Returner and proud

Penzance, United Kingdom
#31New Post! Jan 06, 2019 @ 00:57:27
I thought I'd bump this old thread again, just for a laugh. Brexit is so bad we have to find a way to laugh about just how ridiculous it, and the people promoting it.... are.

Brexiter of the week: Theresa May. She couldn't even give a half decent answer when questioned about her favourite Christmas movie. Despite repeated assertions that she is not a racist and has absolute respect for people of colour, she chose Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby, which as we all know, gave us THAT Christmas song. As answers go it's the sort of gaffe that only a Brexiter could have made.

If her researchers had spent literally seconds checking Wikipedia they could have advised her that the film contains an excruciating scene in which Crosby performs a song in Blackface while dressed as Abraham Lincoln.

Excellent taste, Prime Minister.

He's accompanied by an orchestra, also in Blackface and wearing slave garb straight from the cotton fields while the white audience is served by blacked up waiters.

Not racist at all are you, eh Tess...?
Jennifer1984 On May 31, 2020
Returner and proud

Penzance, United Kingdom
#32New Post! Oct 10, 2019 @ 05:17:08
Brexiters of the week:


In case you're wondering where James Cleverly and Boris Johnson Cummings got it from, the Wile E Coyote of British politics had this exchange with a BBC reporter on the way to work

REPORTER: "Brexit doesn't look like a walk in the park then?"

CUMMINGS: "Who said it would be a walk in the park?"

R: "You did. Last night."

C: "Noooooooooo" (gets into car, slams door shut)

Of course, it turned out that he'd said nothing of the sort at Vote Leave back bencher Stuart Wheeler's book launch the previous night. Well, apart from this:

"We are not under pressure, the referendum was pressure, the referendum was difficult. This is a walk in the park compared to the referendum."

So there you have it. Dominic Cummings says he didn't say Brexit was a walk in the park. Honest, guv.

But my fave snippet from this week is:


The Strictly Come Dancing favourite has wiped a series of his pro-Brexit Tweets off his account apparently in an attempt to make sure he doesn't alienate remain voters on the TV dance show.

He deleted the tweets, but replies to them are still visible from other Twitter users. Replies like: "I agree with you Kelvin; we should get rid of the bloody foreigners and take our country back. Send the lot of them back where they came from.

This begs the question what would Strictly look like after Brexit if Kelvin had his way..?

Let's get rid of this fancy foreign stuff like the Argentine Tango and all that Samba rubbish. What the hell is a paso doble anyway?

Let's have good British dancing instead. Didn't we invent the Pogo..? We could even change the name. Let's call it "Strictly Morris Dancing" instead.
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