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shadowen On about 5 hours ago

Bunyip Bend, Australia
#1966New Post! Jun 01, 2019 @ 14:11:45
Nice to see NL back at the Jungle.
Jennifer1984 On August 25, 2019
Remoaner and proud

Penzance, United Kingdom
#1967New Post! Jun 02, 2019 @ 08:27:20
And so Liverpool are the champions of Europe and Chelsea have won the Europa League, the second tier competition. Two English clubs hold Europe's premier trophies for the first time ever.

The most controversial match was the Arsenal v Chelsea final because of the venue the match was played at. Baku, in Azerbaijan is 4500 Km from London. It's a long way for fans to travel, tickets were very expensive and both clubs were only allocated 13'000 tickets anyway for a match held in a stadium with a capacity of nearly 70'000. The match had to kick off at 11 pm local time to allow for TV viewers in England to watch it in prime time. Azerbaijani TV coverage was also poor with the camera view too far back which showed the play from too far away.

The huge empty spaces in the stands prompted the Baku administrators to open the gates and allow people in for free, which will only exacerbate the annoyance of fans who stumped up big money for tickets only to find that if they'd travelled without them they'd have been able to walk in for free.

Add to this, Arsenal were deprived of being able to play Mkhtarian because the Azerbaijani authorities couldn't guarantee the safety of the Armenian in their country. This is something UEFA need to look at when allocating stadiums in countries that have major disputes ongoing with their neighbours, for major matches. One wonders what will happen if Armenia qualify for the European Championships. Baku has been allocated 3 group matches and a Quarter Final in the tournament.

All the goals came in a second half where Chelsea dominated and Arsenal crumbled. Eden Hazard waved the Chelsea fans goodbye with two goals and we must feel sorry for Petr Cech who had four stuck past him in his final match as a professional. He's been a great goalkeeper who has graced the Premier League for 13 seasons and will be missed. He couldn't have done anything to stop any of the goals.

Arsenal really need to do something about Mesut Ozil. Once again he failed to deliver when a performance from him was really needed. Too many times he's disappeared in matches when Arsenal have needed him to deliver. There's nothing wrong with his ability, just his apparent desire. "Ozil Goes AWOL" has become far too familiar a byline in embarrassing Arsenal defeats.

The Champions League final last night in Madrid was a much better attended affair but sadly didn't live up to the pre-match hype.
Perhaps the game was hamstrung by a penalty award that I fear may become far too commonplace next season.

Law changes make it likely that players will practice chipping the ball up at defenders arms and hands in the penalty area. When Mane chipped the ball up onto Sissoko's body in the first minute, the ball deflected off the defender's chest and brushed against his arm. There was nothing Sissoko could have done to avoid a completely inadvertent handball but according to the laws as they have been revised the referee correctly awarded a penalty that Salah smashed past Lloris.

1-0 to Liverpool and this, I think, had a major effect on the match thereafter. Spurs dominated possession but Liverpool shut up shop and killed the game. Dull, dull, dull football for the next 80 minutes with nary a shot on goal and very little from Spurs to break Liverpool down.

Harry Kane had been preferred to Lucas Moura which was surprising considering Kane has been off with injury for more than a month and Moura has scored two hat tricks, including the one that got Spurs into the final. Moura has a right to be quite miffed about that.

It wouldn't have been so bad if Kane had performed but he was completely anonymous. Dele Alli didn't turn up either. Son plodded around as if he was playing in lead divers boots and Eriksen was marked out of the game by Henderson.

When Origi came on and smashed a late second goal it was all over.

So.... congratulations to Liverpool. They've only won it six times..!! Joy for Jurgen Klopp who now has the trophy his leadership and team building deserves. Loved his comment when asked on camera if he was going to go for a beer. He replied "I feel like I'm already pissed." Love ya, Jurgen. Take a bow mate. You've earned it.

A brief mention for the female streaker (not really, she kept her top on and wore a tiny thong) who ran on the pitch in the first half. The thong really was tiny, but it was there just the same.

Apparently, she's a Spurs fan and has been nicknamed "Crotchettino"


Congratulations Liverpool

shadowen On about 5 hours ago

Bunyip Bend, Australia
#1968New Post! Jun 02, 2019 @ 13:58:19
Despite her name Wolanski appears to be Brazilian.
shadowen On about 5 hours ago

Bunyip Bend, Australia
#1970New Post! Jun 25, 2019 @ 14:29:12
No surprise to see Rafa leave...
shadowen On about 5 hours ago

Bunyip Bend, Australia
#1971New Post! Sep 01, 2019 @ 12:59:04
A nice win for the bhoys at the hunnery.
shadowen On about 5 hours ago

Bunyip Bend, Australia
#1972New Post! Sep 01, 2019 @ 13:01:01
Take me to your paradise,
I want to see the Jungle.
shadowen On about 5 hours ago

Bunyip Bend, Australia
#1973New Post! Sep 01, 2019 @ 13:07:27
shadowen On about 5 hours ago

Bunyip Bend, Australia
#1974New Post! Sep 07, 2019 @ 15:51:54
I feel for Bury supporters...
shadowen On about 5 hours ago

Bunyip Bend, Australia
#1975New Post! about 5 hours ago
What a win for the injury ravaged Canaries over the billionaires of City.

The absence of Aymeric Laporte obviously is hurting the visitors but Norwich were without seven players themselves.
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