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This fcking ignorant SOB

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gakINGKONG On about 5 hours ago

, Florida
#16New Post! May 14, 2019 @ 11:42:45

That was painful.


I just found a Quora page which addresses this.

Snarky Adult Animated Comedy sucks up oxygen
psycoskunk On December 22, 2019
Funky-Footed Skunk

A fort made of stinky socks, C
#17New Post! May 18, 2019 @ 03:09:51
@Etru Said

He thinks (this flappy head Canadian) bc we lived in a neighborhood that wasnt the nicest not ghetto but had ghetto parts that we dont know how to speak. He is from canada and b****es about everything and everyone. You cant even say on accident or any proper terms (at home not working) instead he sits here like we ignants and dont know how to speak or act. Then curses everything out. f***ing canadians. They think they are special. Flappy heads*

Yeah,f*** Canadians! How dare they have a larger country when there's more Americans then Canadians? Those syrup-suckers should just trade us countries because we need it more than they do! And who the f*** colour-codes their money so they can tell which denomination is which just by first glance?! That's something a shifty, commie-loving, ehsayer would do! I say we build a wall to keep those bastards out of our country, after we trade, of course. But we keep our money!!!

f***ing Canucks...

@DiscordTiger Said

Somehow I feel Shelia Broflovski is involved.

Apparently, she's from Joisey.

Deadpool, and by extension, Ryan Reynolds is Canadian. Also a fellow Vancouverite. Like Seth Rogan.
Electric_Banana On May 21, 2020

, New Zealand
#18New Post! May 20, 2019 @ 17:49:07
@gakINGKONG Said

That was painful.


I just found a Quora page which addresses this.

Snarky Adult Animated Comedy sucks up oxygen

I would agree with the guy at that site - they were grabbing at straws to separate the Canadians from the upper-state Americans and that 'floppy' head thing was probably subject to just one of the South Park writers.

Similarly all the Pakehas here in Zealand ( 'whities' ) have appeared to me as slightly buck-toothed and mousy in the mouth area...but that could just be me.
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