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white_swan53 On March 19, 2020

n/a, New Mexico
#1New Post! May 12, 2019 @ 12:37:49
Coming back from town just now I was listening to an A.M. radio station ,because there is no F.M. reception out here in my boon docks, and on the station was some republican talk show , that host is so hung up on Obama and the evil democrats and he so swallows every single untruth Trump tweets , hell it seems as if the guy thinks Trump needs help in that dept. some of the bullshiet coming from that guys pie hole was unbelievable.An example , he was talking about a Washington Post reporter that had their white house press pass revoked . He trailed off or meandered off into Obama's time in Washington and started stating as gospel that the washington post among others wore robes and worshiped Obama as in a cult . And they all had little plastic Obama's on the dash of their cars . Then within a 1/2 mile or so he was spewing crap like Barr is the last truly honest man in Washington ,the only honorable guy left . less the 5 miles out of town and I couldn't take anymore and popped in a Bob Seger CD . I didn't / couldn't even last long enough to catch the guys name or the name of the show. It's down right ridiculous and worrisome thinking that there are people out there that listen to and swallow that guy and other like minded talk show hosts blather , instead of thinking for themselves.
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