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Little things that annoy you that really don't matter

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chaski On about 5 hours ago

Tree at Floydgirrl's Window,
#5416New Post! Feb 09, 2019 @ 04:22:00
Don't you love it when the dancing s***-pooping guy is doing his thing?
mrmhead On about 3 hours ago

NE, Ohio
#5418New Post! Feb 14, 2019 @ 23:31:14
Fancy monster-big screen TVs in mega-HD SuperQualityiscious with CrystalClarity Technology just shows the broadcast flaws and pixellation more clearly.
Erimitus On about 10 hours ago

The mind of God, Antarctica
#5419New Post! Feb 15, 2019 @ 00:14:52
prostrate exams
chaski On about 5 hours ago

Tree at Floydgirrl's Window,
#5421New Post! Mar 04, 2019 @ 00:26:47
When I decide to watch TV (which I rarely do), then decide to watch a dumb movie (that is actually pretty bad), then I sort of get into the movie (no doubt it was the Tequila)... and the cable connection goes wonky.

It was bad enough that I was wasting part of my life on a stupid movie on the TV, but now I don't even get to finish it..

mrmhead On about 3 hours ago

NE, Ohio
#5422New Post! Mar 13, 2019 @ 00:06:59
Toilet Paper.

Or more specifically Toilet Paper Rolls.

I buy the New and Improved Jumbo-Supersized Mega Big Rolls where 6 of these rolls equals 72 Regular sized rolls!!!

Like.... How freaking small are regular sized rolls?
mrmhead On about 3 hours ago

NE, Ohio
#5423New Post! Mar 13, 2019 @ 00:13:58
New "Cur-zall-vum" For those symptoms you didn't know you had until we needed to sell more drugs.

Do not take Cur-zall-vum if you are allergic to it or any of it's secret ingredients that you can't pronounce anyways.

While it may not cure your symptom, it could cause discomfort, cramping, diarrhea, blindness, numbness, loss of consciousness, heart attack, coma and death.

But look at these beautiful people walking along a tropical beach, and call your doctor today and ask for:

Wizardofozone On April 14, 2019

Zelienople, Pennsylvania
#5424New Post! Apr 11, 2019 @ 09:33:40
The following annoys me to pieces ... Money managers or owners of companies who gladly spend hundreds of thousands to make a tv commercial ... expecting the commercial to also cause YOU to spend thousands on a car, a medical device, new siding, etc ... yet the commercial uses age specific words or actions that has you staring at the screen in astonishment that you actually don't even know what the heck it was you just watched ... especially dialogue ... I've replayed so many commercials over and over not in any interest in the product at all .. just in total curiosity of what the heck these mumblers are saying ....
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