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mrmhead On about 1 hour ago

NE, Ohio
#1New Post! Jan 05, 2019 @ 19:39:16
A Netflix released interactive episode of Black Mirror.

Along the way you get to make choices for the main character.

Like for breakfast: Frosties or Puffs?
Other choices aren't as mundane.

I've started it twice.
Sometimes if you hit a short "end game" so to speak, you'll roll back to an earlier choice... so, it's kind of hard to say how many times I "finished"

Anyone watch/play it?

... there's some interesting back stories to it as well.
Electric_Banana On June 15, 2019

, New Zealand
#2New Post! Jan 07, 2019 @ 20:02:39
I was interested but don't have Flix and since interactive doesn't sound like it's KATable

BTW Black Mirror is an actual game series - they just brought out chapter IV not so long ago; I have the first trilogy but no time to play them yet; I thought they were going to be more focused towards generic haunted house fiction than existential philosophy? More Lovecraft, King than Carroll, Vonnegut....
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