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Goth culture

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mixieloca On January 04, 2019

#1New Post! Oct 18, 2018 @ 17:44:37
Any goths in here? There are so many goth clubs and groups online, but hard to find one where I completely fit in. I'm not a Satanist,or occult practicer like many I've met online.I like dark things, but have no desire for destruction and evil like others I've met. I refuse to stereotype because I've met some cool goth people. But I'm a goth Christian and there's not many of those in the community and if there are I wonder where I should look. Just trying to socialize with and make more goth connections.
Chyna On December 21, 2018

Thomasville, Georgia
#2New Post! Dec 02, 2018 @ 18:43:44
Hi there!! I am also into the goth scene, is very hard to find a cool goth website on the internet---I have looked for ones myself and I just can't seem to fit in when I do find something interesting..I am Christian also and I do think it is okay to like the goth culture...8-]]
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