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One Shoe Over the Cuck Nest

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LuckyCharms On April 24, 2019
Magically Delicious

#46New Post! Mar 01, 2017 @ 06:34:01
@NNewt84 Said

So what are your thoughts on the video that initially kicked off this thread?


psycoskunk On about 6 hours ago
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A fort made of stinky socks, C
#47New Post! Mar 01, 2017 @ 13:53:15
@NNewt84 Said
Good point - I guess I'll give you that.

I'm full of good points. Guess that makes one of us.

@NNewt84 Said
Because, unfortunately, this is a problem a lot of men face nowadays, because they can't speak up about being abused by women, lest they get labelled as "pussies" or be stripped of their manlihood, since "all the wimminz are weak and innocent".

Or y'know, you could take a page out of A Pimp Named Slickback's notebook and learn a b**** some manners. Grow a pair and stand up for yourself. Of course that doesn't mean to go around and just smack women around, but if you don't even stand up for yourself, then people are going to walk all over you, women included.

@NNewt84 Said
Well, for one thing, The Avengers isn't even the main topic of Steve's video - he merely used it as a jumping point for the main topic: whether Joss Whedon is a good "feminist" writer, and whether we should start supporting female directors instead. And I care because I don't want women to be accepted in just because they're women - I want them to be accepted in because they're good at it. I mean, isn't this the whole point of feminism - to empower women, so that they're actually good at stuff?


"We interrupt this forum post to bring you this important news bulletin!"

Chet: This is Chet Ubetcha with some breaking news! There ARE female directors! Remember The Hurt Locker? The movie that beat out Avatar for Best Director and landed a ton of other awards, like Best Original Screenplay? It was directed by Kathryn Bigelow, a female director. Isn't that a shocker? And here you thought they didn't exist. Wow! You must really think little of women!

@NNewt84 Said
Okay, maybe Widow's uterus specifically wasn't mentioned; however, from what I've heard, an important plot point was that she was unable to have children. And the feminists misinterpreted that, thinking the film was saying you're not a real woman if you can't have children. But what about men who want a son to keep the family name alive? Does that mean you're not a real man if you don't have a son? (Or a daughter, if she chooses to keep her maiden name.)

An importan...

How stupid are you?!?! In a movie about superheroes who up until now hadn't really met each other having to band together to defeat a God and an intergalactic army of bio-mechanical monstrosities...

...where exactly in this movie would Widow not being able to have kids become an important plot point?

Does her not being able to have kids somehow hold the key to stopping the activation of the Tesseract? Does her lack of eggs counter Hulk's ridiculous strength?

Here, let me put it another way. You know your favourite movie, Sideways? Well, an often overlooked, extremely important bit of information about Riley Anderson is... she's got foot odour. Like, really bad. Not even in a slighty cute way either like "*Sniff sniff.* PU, someone's got stinky feet. ", I'm talking a serious case of cheese feet. It only takes an hour of wear to saturate her socks with her foot stench. And even though her parents love her to death, her noxious feet have almost caused theirs on numerous occasions.

Oh, and something about Joy and Sorrow having to work as a team or something... But what really matters is how unbelievably smelly Riley's feet are! Man, I wish I could sniff those funky little feet up close.

@NNewt84 Said
Unfortunately, that garbage is growing all the more common nowadays, like a tumour spreading to other parts of the body. I've already b****ed long enough about Ghostbusters 2016, so you probably get the gist of that now - but now we have Iron Man being made a black woman, and now there's this film called Hidden Figures which outright states that being a woman is the same as being a black person. Honestly, just how do girls live in a world where this stuff is considered the norm?

I'm pretty sure Iron Man wouldn't be Iron Man if he were a black woman.

And I'm pretty sure that Hidden Figures was literally about black women, so...

@NNewt84 Said
The reason why you mostly hear these opinions of YouTube is because if they said it anywhere else, like on TV or a college campus, they'd immediately get labelled racist, sexist, homophobic etc., and they'd be despised by society for the rest of their lives, and not be allowed to speak publicly anymore, etc. - so YouTube is pretty much all they have left, and even there they're likely to get lynched by feminists.

Soooo... basically you don't want them to be able to have a voice at all?

@NNewt84 Said

You say that, and yet you keep coming back here to make these posts. So how do you find time to get on with your life?

Because I actually do things with my life, plus I have time to check in on TFS every so often. Besides, there's not much going on here too often so your dumb, unintentionally misogynistic (or perhaps you feign ignorance and you know exactly what you're saying about women while trying to play the fool) posts are actually pretty entertaining.

So whether you like it or not Ned's Newt, you've got a certain funky-footed skunk who's amused by your antics and I don't get bored easy.

*Playfully slaps Newt's face with his tail. Fortunately, it doesn't smell (at the moment).*
chaski On about 9 hours ago

Tree at Floydgirrl's Window,
#48New Post! Mar 01, 2017 @ 16:17:58
@NNewt84 Said

Are they treated as a minority? Because, last I checked, society was very accepting of tomboys, more so than their gender-flipped counterpart.

While tomboys are most likely a "minority" as compared to all other females, tomboys (to my knowledge) do not form a separate socio-political group.

As an example, in socio-political terms:

1. While women (or females) make up 50.8% of the population in the USA. This suggests that women are not a minority. However, women in the USA have traditionally been treated as a minority group, and weren't even allowed to vote until 1920.

2. In addition, not all women are of the same race. So when one breaks women down into their ethnic/racial groups, one sees a number of minority groups: white-females, black-females, asian-females, latin-females, native -american-femals, etc. While each of these groups have some socio-political similarities, they also have a number of significant socio-political differences. Thus they are each minorities.

3. When considering tomboys, again, they are most likely a "minority" with in the greater population of women as well as being a minority within each ethnic/racial sub-gruop.

So, when you ask Are they treated as a minority? the answer is probably: YES.

However, tomboys are most likely treated as minorities more because of their gender & ethnicity than because they dress or act like tomboys.

@NNewt84 Said

last I checked, society was very accepting of tomboys, more so than their gender-flipped counterpart.

And, based on your negative comments about "their gender-flipped counterparts", you also are less "accepting" of "their gender-flipped counterparts".
white_swan53 On May 24, 2019

n/a, New Mexico
#49New Post! Dec 02, 2018 @ 01:27:46
@NNewt84 Said

So, guys, I recently uploaded a video to my alternate YouTube channel (NNewt84), where I discuss Steve Shives's video about Joss Whedon, and the depiction of women in his Avengers film. Let me know what you think!

And no, you're not seeing double - these are two different parts of a much longer video, and Part 3 is currently in the making!

You cant see the the forest for the trees.
If you base your bull s*** on Hollywood fiction movies, then chick you lost the debate before you walked into the room.
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