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Divorcing the whole damn family

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WildChild On February 16, 2013
Perv Magnet

Southern Middle, Tennessee
#1New Post! Jul 21, 2008 @ 13:52:12
You know when we get married , we only vow to one person that we'll be faithful , honest , and stay with them through sickness and health and all that stuff , but when we divorce it seems like we have to divorce the whole damn family.

I have tried to keep myself on good terms with D.s family but at times it takes everything in me not to just say "f*** off" . I know alot of people end up going through alot of mental stress when it comes to divorce because you may not love your ex anymore but you may indeed cherish his parents so that's a whole different thing to deal with.

My ex mother in law never liked me anyway but now since the divorce she has done everything in her power to downgrade me in my childs eyes. She is constantly calling me and saying mean things. I am not one to take s*** so I just tell her to mind her affairs and I'll mind mine.

It really sucks that you're not only married to the one person but you're married to his whole family. I tiptoed around this b**** for over 17 years I don't have to do that anymore . I do try to keep my thoughts to myself though because I don't want to downgrade my daughters grandmother in front of her , it's not fair to my child.

I just needed to get that out I guess.
sAeGeSpAeNe On June 09, 2021
Part-time Nidologist

The other Bristol..., Connecti
#2New Post! Jul 21, 2008 @ 13:54:37
It's easier to lose a few pounds than it is to lose the extra baggage! Good Luck!
kayxx On August 13, 2008


nottingham, United Kingdom
#3New Post! Jul 21, 2008 @ 13:59:00
No it's not fair and your ex mother in law should be more grown up quite frankly, like you say it's the child that suffers. I had an ex who had kids, we all grew very close and now it's over I never get to see them and I miss them so much. It's not because we dont get on that i dont see them, but they all moved to canada.. I feel like i lost a whole family
WildChild On February 16, 2013
Perv Magnet

Southern Middle, Tennessee
#4New Post! Jul 22, 2008 @ 15:23:34
My ex in laws are absolutely driving me nuts this week. I'm to the point that I'm about to really blow a fuse with them.
Komentenmelodie On May 25, 2018

#5New Post! Feb 17, 2018 @ 19:54:13
The marriage vows are not for the extended family they are only for your spouse! I have nothing to do with my ex spouse at all or any of her family, its simpler that way! No risk of getting into it with them about what has passed etc. That being said if you have kids with your ex that does make it more complicated. They say u can choose your friends but not your family & that very true. I do not have ANY contact with any of my family except my mum & she is getting up there. She lives with my brother who is a complete a*****e & I want nothing to do with him ever. I feel your pain.
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