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Does Music alter one’s Mentality?

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Cpat92 On August 07, 2020
It's all or nothing

Lauderhill, Florida
#1New Post! Jun 28, 2017 @ 09:52:32
This probably could have went to the Q&A forum. I just felt it would fit here. I always wondered if Music had the power to alter or temporarily shift an individual’s mentality or maturity level. I even tested the theory on myself. I might do it again. I am wondering if it is just me or if it’s a coincidence of some sort. When I tested it on myself, I listened to certain songs on a few genres then switched to a few different genres.

So I played a few songs from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Tiesto, and also Travis Scott to name a few. Some of the songs I felt a bit childish, especially when I knew the words. After an hour, I started to listen to Josh Groban, Enya and some classical pieces. I noticed that I was began to think more. I didn’t act energetic or goofy. I was a bit more serious, I had deeper thoughts and I was calm in a way. Is this self induced or is it possible that Music has capabilities to alter ones mentality, maturity or just their thought process.
mrmhead On about 1 hour ago

NE, Ohio
#2New Post! Jun 28, 2017 @ 11:41:24
I think so.

It certainly alters moods. I'd think that anything that changes the way one "part" of your mind works, would also affect others.

Mood, attitude, perception, conception, concentration, rationalization ... none are an island.

I'm sure your mind is in a different mode when listening to the intricacies of classical or jazz compared to the thrashing of death metal.
twilitezone911 On March 25, 2019

Saint Louis, Missouri
#3New Post! Jun 28, 2017 @ 11:53:46
music does calm down, or bring spirit up. music clam the savage's beast in you, or bring the breast out of you. depending on the music, you listen to.

yes, music can alter your mental state, you can see it, when you play, it look like invisible to you. it like music come out of the air. hey, that's sound nice, i like it. it is nice to listen.

does music change your moods? yes
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