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Domestic violence against men

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shadowen On September 30, 2022

Bunyip Bend, Australia
#61New Post! Jun 13, 2016 @ 09:28:57
Erin Pizzey is an acknowledged world leader re IPV and is always well worth listening to...

white_swan53 On October 07, 2020

n/a, New Mexico
#62New Post! Jun 13, 2016 @ 10:17:30
@shadowen Said

That is the case far more often than not. If he doesnt fight back he is almost ridiculed for being hurt by a woman. If he does fight back he is likely to be arrested for assault and seen as a coward for hitting a sheila.

The second marriage was back in the 1960's, I seriously doubt it was fear of arrest that kept dad from smacking her back . That b**** was the sort the truly enjoyed giving pain ,I know this because she had 9 years to teach me this, maybe dad learned early on that if he didn't fight back the s*** ended sooner. It was that way for us kids, if we started crying pretty quickly she would stop, if we had a stubborn streak and didn't start crying ,the deal just got worse until either we did cry or she got tired.
Not doing something about getting out of the marriage probably had a lot to do with if the truth were to come out he would have been ridiculed by friends and family .
Since dad wouldn't talk about it. I can only make guess's based on what I know about her .
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