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Bonding time for Obama with teenage daughters

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white_swan53 On March 19, 2020

n/a, New Mexico
#1New Post! Jul 19, 2015 @ 00:20:49
A New York weekend was Obama's idea. He often laments that his girls are less interested in spending time with him now that they are older. But the concept gets a little complicated, of course, when dad is the president.

Obama's every move requires massive security precautions that tie the bustling streets of New York in knots, and he can attract throngs of onlookers in an instant.

The 20-minute walk in Central Park prompted pedicabs, bikers, skaters, horse-drawn carriages and walkers to stop cold as people whipped out cellphone cameras to capture the moment.

Teenage girls can be pretty scary at times . I know this because I had a teenaged daughter at one time and she had teenaged girl friends .
Ya gotta give Obama for taking on his two girls /w friends in tow , on his own .. I know he has all that secert service protection around , but when it comes to a teenaged daughter , they aren't any help . Those guys would take a bullet for the pres. but 9 out of 10 times they will melt and take the daughters side against their daddy , with just a little side ways grin and a roll of the eyes from one of those girls . they be wraped around the pinky fingers of them girls .
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