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The Effects of Being Exposed to Lead Poisoning on Young Children .

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white_swan53 On October 07, 2020

n/a, New Mexico
#1New Post! Jul 01, 2015 @ 01:14:29
On a message board site , I was reading about how some people think that lead poisoning is more to blame for crime in America then environment and/or economics .
I hadn't ever heard that theory , so I Google " symptoms of lead poisoning " .

And after reading a few sites on the effects of lead poisoning in young children and unborn babies , I'm thinking that there may be something to the idea . I'm not sure I buy into the theory that lead poisoning is more to blame then economics or the environment. But it seems likely that the effects it has on the human system when combined with to the effects of environment and economics can be connected to what causes some young people to join gangs and such . I haven't found any medical or scientific results connecting or disconnecting lead poisoning and crime . Anyone have any thoughts on this topic ?

Lead poisoning

Lead is much more harmful to children than adults because it can affect children's developing nerves and brains. The younger the child, the more harmful lead can be. Unborn children are the most vulnerable

Possible complications include:
•Behavior or attention problems
•Failure at school
•Hearing problems
•Kidney damage
•Reduced IQ
•Slowed body growth

The symptoms of lead poisoning may include:
•Abdominal pain and cramping (usually the first sign of a high, toxic dose of lead poison)
•Aggressive behavior
•Difficulty sleeping
•Loss of previous developmental skills (in young children)
•Low appetite and energy
•Reduced sensations

Lead poisoning symptoms in children

The signs and symptoms of lead poisoning in children may include:
•Developmental delay
•Learning difficulties
•Loss of appetite
•Weight loss
•Sluggishness and fatigue
•Abdominal pain
•Hearing loss

Lead poisoning symptoms in newborns

Babies who are exposed to lead before birth may experience:
•Learning difficulties
•Slowed growth

Many parents don't know much about how to prevent lead poisoning. Lead isn't only in paint chips. It can show up in surprising places -- like dust on your windowsill, or in your vegetable garden, or in a playground. Here are five surprising sources of lead -- and tips on how to keep your kids safe.

newmexicodan On November 30, 2020

#2New Post! Jul 01, 2015 @ 15:49:34
I don't know about the direct links to crime.But I do know lead is not good, health wise whether it is lead pellets or lead paint. I know chelation is the therapy of choice when someone has serious lead poisoning of the body.
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