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Final Fantasy RP: Esper Academy

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psycoskunk On June 30, 2020
Funky-Footed Skunk

A fort made of stinky socks, C
#1New Post! Apr 10, 2014 @ 09:04:12
It seems like forever since I've done an RP thread (role-playing), so let's try this out. Bear in mind that we're making this up as we go and the more you contribute, the better everything will turn out.

The Esper Academy has long been considered one of the most prestigious schools dedicated to training new recruits in various mystical arts and fighting styles in order to shape them into the future heroes (and possible villains) of tomorrow. Covering a wide range of occupations and specialties, the instructors and professors of Esper Academy are eager to teach new applicants the fundamentals about their specific job. However, not everyone will make the cut and only those who've proven themselves and show immense prowess can hope to graduate and become true adventurers. Do you think you have what it takes?

Everyone starts out as the same class at the beginning, Squire. Squires are essentially the bottom-of-the-rung, newbie fighters, although they can generally hold their own. They have no real glaring strengths or weaknesses and can wield any weapon, but they also can't use magic and their abilities are weaker than other classes. When you make progress in your studies, your class may change accordingly depending on what you're learning. For now, the classes you can progress to will be limited to Fighter, Monk, Black Mage, White Mage, Thief and Archer. All Squires start with Toss Rock, which is a mediocre damage throwing ability and Guard, which is a defensive move that protects an ally from damage by placing yourself in the way of the attack.

Fighters generally are the swordsman and knights of the team, dealing strong damage and boasting a relatively high defense. They can also buff their teammates as well as weaken their enemies. All Fighters start with Power Break, which damages an enemy and lowers his attack. Uses swords, axes, greatswords, etc...

Monks tend to use their fists and are known for their very high HP, damage potential and speed. They can boost themselves and devastate enemies with martial arts. All Monks start with Focus Punch, which makes you build up your power before unleashing it with deadly force. Monks use bare fists, claws, nunchakus, etc...

Black Mages may seem weak at first glance, underestimating them would be a fatal mistake as their powerful magic can lay waste to any who oppose them. Harness the power of the elements to exploit the weaknesses of others. B. Mages have high magical power and MP, but are physically weak and can't take too much damage. All B. Mages start with Fire, which inflicts light fire damage to one or multiple foes. B. Mages use rods, wands, daggers, etc...

White Mages are the polar opposite to Black Mages, instead using their magic to heal and assist their friends through even the toughest struggles. White Mages resist magic damage very well, but not so much physical damage. They can also use status magic to make their foes jobs that much tougher. All W. Mages start with Cure, which heals a small amount of HP for one or a mediocre amount of HP to all allies. W. Mages use staffs, canes, hammers, etc...

Thieves lurk in the shadows and strike with speed, cunning and trickery. While your motives may be questionable, your skill isn't as you can swipe things from enemies and put them at huge disadvantages. Thieves are faster than most classes and a lot luckier, allowing for more treasures. All Thieves start with Steal Gil, which if successful deals a minor amount of damage and steals money from your target. Thieves use knives, sabers, hidden blades, etc...

Archers take aim from afar and can strike even the swiftest of foes. Boasting the best accuracy of the starting classes, they have the easiest time with flying enemies. They don't have too much health or defense, so make sure to keep back from the fight. All Archers start with Boost, which increases the strength of the Archer's next attack. Archers use bows, crossbows, pistols, etc...

Put your hero's name, age, sex, you can do height/weight if you want. Be as descriptive as you want, but you must at lease have a name, age, sex and class, which would start at Squire. If you want to do races, then almost any existing Final Fantasy race should work, but you might need to give a brief synopsis about said race. (Human, Moogle, Numu, Lilty, Bangaa, etc...[Making a race is also acceptable.])

You may also control other characters beside your hero, so long as they pertain to the story in some way and do not give your main character an unfair advantage. (e.g. *Professor Mungstun gives Gloria the Deathbringer Sword, the legendary weapon of the Dark Knight which can instantly end a life with one stroke.*) You can still have an instructor/professor privately tutor you or something along those lines, but nothing cheap.

So let's try this out and as we progress, we'll flesh out everything else.

Name: Dion Wells
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Race: Half-human, half-skunk (skunk ears/tail)
Hair Colour: Black with white streak
Eye Colour: "Mako eyes" (pale green, result from exposure to Mako energy)
Class: Squire

Bio: Not much is known about Dion, save that he was found washed up onshore of a small island one day with no memory of what happened. Whether his unique appearance is due to being exposed to an excessive amount of Mako energy, the "Lifeblood" of the planet or through genetic experimentation, he is considered a mystery, even to himself. By attending the Esper Academy, he hopes to maybe find some answers as to what happened to him, or at the very least to find meaning in his life.
psycoskunk On June 30, 2020
Funky-Footed Skunk

A fort made of stinky socks, C
#2New Post! Apr 10, 2014 @ 18:52:35
*Dion Wells sat outside the Healin Train Station, staring out towards the vast, forest-covered mountains that surrounded the quiet town. The overcast, dreary sky was a surprisingly welcoming sight when compared to the constant view of stained concrete and rusted metal from the Upper Plate of Midgar that he was normally accustomed to. His tail flicked back and forth unconsciously as he listened to the songs of the birds and the people conversing below.*

*The train station was a new addition to the mountain town, which normally was famous for their spas and natural hot springs. One of the few train stations in Gaia which run to the Esper Academy, it only shuttles new applicants every two months, so space is limited. With each of the 9 stations possessing a single train which can carry a capacity of 20 applicants per train, there have been times where fights have broken out for a spot in the Academy. There were even reports of people getting killed as a result.*

*Fortunately, not too many applicants use the Healin Line, mainly because of how isolated it is compared to the other lines in the busier cities, like Zanarkand and Alexandria. Dion so far, was the only person waiting for the train, and with only a day before the train arrives, he was thankful for the peace and quiet. The people at Healin were different than those of Midgar. Rather than openly express their disgust and hatred towards him, they instead just stared with confused expressions or tried not to look. A nice change of pace.*

*He wore a dark green hoodie which had a dark red logo on the front of a crudely spray-painted mountain with the words "AVALANCHE" stamped on the bottom. He brushed some dust off his black jeans as he tapped his iron-soled boots on the side of the wall he was sitting on. Strapped to his side was a wooden sword, the only weapon he could afford at the time when he first came to Midgar. A cold gust of wind blew past his face, pulling his ears back a bit. He pulls the hood over his head to shelter himself from the cold, his back to the street that led up to the station.*
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