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Is a Bad Childhood an Excuse?!

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JR_Sanford On August 02, 2017

Portland (St. Johns), Oregon
#31New Post! May 31, 2012 @ 01:22:59
@carelt1985 Said

Over the years, convicted murders (or their lawyers) tried to ease up the jury by stating the defendant's childhood. Saying that their troubled upbringing made them the killers they became. Whether or not it's so, is that an excuse? Shouldn't we focus on the here and now of what they did...not their past?

I had a rough upbringing and I believe that it was relevant in some of the unruly behaviors I partaken in. I never had thoughts of killing anybody, but I started drinking, using drugs, getting hooked, committed a robbery, sold drugs, forged checks, shop lifted, then cleaned up and saw the ways that I've traveled. I decided that wasn't for me and now I truly believe that I'm rehabilitated. Now, just to get the business end of the world to believe that I am. I just might be able to get a good job..

Sparklegirl On December 13, 2019

Cumbria, United Kingdom
#32New Post! May 31, 2012 @ 10:39:50
@alk1975 Said


You guys still call it MPD over there? It's Dissociative Identity Disorder here.

Well the study called it MPD at the time it took place so yeah for the purposes of that it was but we call it DID for more recent cases but I somehow prefer MPD for osme reason. The film version of it was fascinating, I enjoyed that a lot even though it was loosely based on the facts but for entertainment value- well worth a watch
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