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Raising Kids in Modern America

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lilkatangel On September 01, 2014

Northglenn, Colorado
#16New Post! Apr 16, 2012 @ 15:28:32
It seems to me that all of these things are conditioned into us as human beings. The desire to own property for example. There are still cultures left in the world where property is viewed as communal, not personal. Likewise their are cultures where individuality isn't valued as much a the good of the society as a whole.
Aggression is also conditioned as there are certain cultures where violent reaction is less likely than others. However, it may be the most instinctual of all these things, as is evidenced by the fact that other members of the animal kingdom besides humans have a flight or fight instinct. Still, depending on conditioning this can be heightened or lessened.
Materialism is definitely conditioned into us. This can be seen in the fact that young people today seem to have a much bigger sense of entitlement to things than older generations. Also that some choose to live life with very little in the way of material things it is not, therefore, ingrained in human nature.
Justice, well I'm not quite sure how to explain this one. I think to a point it's a being human versus conditioning thing. As all cultures have some way of determining justice for wrong doing. There are however vast differences in what is a just penalty for an act of wrong doing. Thus how Justice is measured is conditioned.
Esteem by recognition is again largely conditioned. Though not entirely as humans by nature are not solitary creatures.
cisslybee2012 On January 30, 2013


Bronx, New York
#17New Post! May 06, 2012 @ 04:23:31
@Leon Said much we really do condition kids in things that are so a part of us that we mistake them as human nature.

Do we condition our offspring or are these things really human nature?

Good questions.

But most of us don't realize how much we condition our children.

Nor how negatively.
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