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Durkheim, anomie & class conflict

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typica On November 20, 2011

Istanbul, Turkey
#1New Post! Nov 20, 2011 @ 01:30:52
Dear all,
I'm working on my sociology paper concerning the following question:

According to Durkheim class conflict is the symptom rather than the cause of the "anomie" and the "forced division of labour in society". discuss

I have some problems with this statement. First of all, I am not quite sure I understand the question. Should I just group anomie and the forced division of labour in society together? This seems really weird - but I literally copied the question as stated on my paper.

Conentwise, I think I could argue both in favour and against, but I'm not sure which of the two is more correct. Again, could anyone give me some guidelines on where to start? I'd like to argue for both sides, but I am afraid I might put in too much of my own interpretation here, instead of stating what Durkheim said. (I've made this mistake more often in the past)

I'm not asking for answers, but if any of you could give me some guidance on how to tackle this question I'd be more than happy.
Thank you for your time!!
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