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What to do in Britain?

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freakwithnoleash On June 22, 2005

#1New Post! Jan 24, 2005 @ 16:22:19
It's cold, small and generally quite depressing living on this little isle. Maybe it's just this place called Essex, but from my experience it runs throughout the country. Whats more, we aren't that important anymore. Gone are the days when we were a political and militarial force. Now we hide in the shadow of America, occasionally picking off scraps from some dieing carcass, ie: Iraq. When will we learn? So what to do? Perhaps we should adopt communism, could be fun. Or maybe turn all our roads into canals, a la venice. With the amount of water we get each year it wouldn't be difficult. I wish i lived elsewhere, i long for a hot climate! Does this idea appeal to anyone else because i honastly can't see what people enjoy about living in Britain!
emily_florence On March 18, 2010

High wycombe, United Kingdom
#2New Post! Jan 24, 2005 @ 18:54:31
i would prefer to live here than america
my new english teacher last taught in essex- she's american and prefers life here
moongrace On July 15, 2005

the uk
#3New Post! Jan 24, 2005 @ 21:04:57
yeah the good stuffs out there - you just have to find it. Everywhere can be fun if you find the right people and stuff.

man, fun is such a stupid word!
tiger On November 01, 2007

, United Kingdom
#4New Post! Jan 24, 2005 @ 21:27:40
never cold enough to snow properly, never warm enough to be hot and it rains all the time. often cold. perfect! i love england!
moongrace On July 15, 2005

the uk
#5New Post! Jan 25, 2005 @ 17:25:56
too true
nerophoira On October 01, 2007

my castle of dreams, United Ki
#6New Post! Nov 14, 2005 @ 13:38:17
rather stay in cyprus then live in the uk or us
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