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bush can not promise he will be successful

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brandonmacdonald On October 15, 2004

#31New Post! Oct 07, 2004 @ 02:51:07
No, actually what Cheney said, even last night - though his schtick of mentioning 9/11 in close enough proximity to Saddaam Hussein with enough other big words mixed in (remember, he's cutting education funding at the same time, so he knows it'll work) still makes it into his untelevised stump speeches - was that Saddaam had been harbouring terrorists, and that was why America invaded, contrary to, oh, I don't know, Everything that was said as preemtive justification for the war in Iraq. He then went on to cite as an example one, only one terrorist who they think is living in Iraq, fighting in Bagdhad.

It's great how all their justifications run retro-actively. Like how if you ask them now, this whole thing was never about weapons (despite all those remarks made by secretary of defense and the VP about "Bulletproof intelligence.")

But that was his justification on the consorting with terrorists: that now that for all intents and purposes war has broken out between the infidels of America and the Holy Crusaders of the Arab world, a terrorist - one who by definition sees the situation such as it is sarcastically described above - has come to the front lines to fight with his so-called brothers in arms. Never did they say a thing about weapons, it seems, to hear Cheney talk. It was never about that. The closest he comes to mentioning the fact that they were going on intelligence that had audible protest from the very people they sent to check it out (ask Joe Wilson how he and his wife are enjoying their anonymity, or if they ever have Bob Novak over for coffee), is when he takes pot-shots at Kerry for believing the very same information:

Well, Kerry said right here that we should go into Iraq if they have the weapons! he scowls. He's obviously not fit to be commander in cheif! I mean, they didn't have any weapons! What an idiot!

And as for invading Canada, yeah, sure, go for it. Take on the 27 million people we have living in the country with the highest standard of living in the industrialized world, with one of the world's best health care systems and admired records of military service (though England's lap dog service may have juuust squeaked by us by now) and unparalleled pristine landscape - not to mention one of the planet's best records toward reform and human rights - and try and convince us to live in that expensive, aggresive, unbalanced country you guys have got. You'd find more of us killing ourselves than becoming assimilated into that.

Sarcasm is fun. Panetti, you know I love you and your America, dear.
panetti On February 17, 2005

Little Rock, Arkansas
#32New Post! Oct 07, 2004 @ 03:40:56
Sarcasm is fun. Panetti, you know I love you and your America, dear.

Indeed, indeed, and you and I are probably the only ones here who appreciate that as much as we
brandonmacdonald On October 15, 2004

#33New Post! Oct 07, 2004 @ 06:01:51
I don't know. Do you think Harry would still be talking to me, anyway, if he weren't having a good laugh every time we chime back and forth?
jeoin On November 12, 2004

#34New Post! Oct 07, 2004 @ 22:50:50
invade canada?
i want to move there.
brandonmacdonald On October 15, 2004

#35New Post! Oct 08, 2004 @ 02:11:33
As you should... A half decade of being on top of that "Best Country in the World to Live In" list (and Vancouver making a steady appearance after Geneva as the number two city) is making room a little tight though...

Ahh, who are we kidding. Toronto's crowded, but the rest of us refer to them as the American part of Canada anyway and try to stick to the better areas, where there's still lots of room.
jeoin On November 12, 2004

#36New Post! Oct 08, 2004 @ 13:02:46
you should start us a canada thread so we can talk about it.
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