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Bush and cuba

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firewhore On May 15, 2004

#16New Post! May 14, 2004 @ 04:45:36
just because we aren't involved with cuba doesn't necessarily mean we are "forcing" them to change.
panetti On February 17, 2005

Little Rock, Arkansas
#17New Post! May 14, 2004 @ 04:51:11
Indeed, that much is true.
firewhore On May 15, 2004

#18New Post! May 14, 2004 @ 04:57:28
we sure don't have to repress them either. Democracy just happens to be our form of government. It is this way because we made it this way. The same thing happened in russia, and india. Its does not convey a postive image to use the tools of oppresion to force a government to conform to your beliefs. They have the right to be how they are.

I don't know about the rest, but I agree with this. I don't like communism, but I think if another country can pull it off and its people are happy that way, then that's fine (though that's hardly ever the case, so history teaches). As long as a country is not oppressive, it should govern however it chooses to. Just so they let us do the same (cough cough -- UN!!!).

Unless they're not causing us a problem or oppressing their people, we should leave 'em be.

Well stated point.

i do not disagree with what you say.
panetti On February 17, 2005

Little Rock, Arkansas
#19New Post! May 14, 2004 @ 05:30:50
Well at least we all share a common denominator belief then. It's just some other facets here and there that people differ on. I myself am not educated enough on the Cuba situation as of yet to make any further comments.
jeoin On November 12, 2004

#20New Post! May 14, 2004 @ 15:29:33
sanctions are the weopons of an economically powerful country. They are aimed at castro and cuba, and his government. However the true impact is not on the government. It is on the mothers, fathers, children of that country. Where family is denied the right to visit for three entire years. One visit. When there the family member may only spend 160 bucks. Tell me what that does to a people? I think it does the same thing that terrorist do to us. It hardens your resolve against the nation or group that oppresses you.

I don't like communism either. I would try to flee it if I could. I think Cuba is socialist. Castro has done good things there. It is the duty of the people of cuba, and Iraq to change their government. Yes this is hard. It cost lives. It is however the exact way in which we achieved our independance.

My primary point is that our actions set an example of how we treat what we view as different and wrong. We starve it.
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