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cinema hell

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offbeat On July 23, 2019

london, United Kingdom
#1New Post! Nov 16, 2018 @ 11:57:18
I go to see a movie about 15 to 20 times a pal picks all the movies because if I had a say then I wouldn't be able to pick anything worth seeing. so, for the sake of seeing my pal I suffer sitting through utter trash. last Tuesday we went to see a movie. i've no idea what it is until it starts ... first thing that was different was the price. he said it will cost more. then we went into the theatre and the seats looked weird but I thought they were just a new, more comfortable design. then as i'm sitting there I notice a button on the arm which is labelled 'water on/off.' ..and my immediate thought was that it was some kind of water tap for your cup. anyway, the movie starts up ..and the chairs start to buck and jerk and i'm thinking 'what the f**k... are we having an earth quake?'.. and then I felt water hitting my head... I was desperate to get off and when it slowed down I did get off. I sat on the steps. about half an hour later, the almost decent war film I was watching turned suddenly into a zombie movie... I walked out! why can't producers just make decent movies that don't require silly gimmicks to make them exciting? I despair for the film industry!
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