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George Barna polls

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jwasafrog On September 18, 2010

, California
#1New Post! Jan 09, 2006 @ 07:31:31
You might have heard of this guy. George Barna is a guy who takes polls that are relative
to the Christian church. He tries make his research applicable to Christianity. You can
actually check out his site at

Anyway, he recently did some research on what people claiming to be Christians actually
belive. Because of what I believe I thought what he found was interesting, but I think this
actually shows a lot about why people who say they are Christians actually often practice
quite the opposite and why different people who say they are christians often tell you
contradictory things, so I thought people who have wondered why "Christians" are such
hypocrites or why every "Christian" says something different might find this interesting.

Ok, here's the research:

175 million Americans claim to be Christians

80 million Americans claim to be "born again" (born again means that the person has a
personal relationship with Christ. at least, that's the short answer. If you don't get that,
just ask.)

Only 7 million Americans have a Biblical world view (I think a "Biblical world view" is pretty
self explanitary, but what it means is that the person actually belives what the Bible

If you want to know a little more, you can find most of what I just typed here.

I thought all this was pretty shocking and revealing. If only 7 million people out of the 175
million who claim to be Christians actually belive what the Bible says, are the other 168
million really Christians?

It seems like people are just confused about what Christianity is, whether they claim to be
following it or they see all these poeple who say they belive something but don't.

It's rediculous to me that there are 168 million people out there who don't even know what
they belive, why they belive it or even if they believe it, and it's amazing to me that they
claim they are part of something when they don't even belive in it.

I don't really want rant about this. I want to see what other people think about it. If you're
someone who is a Christian, claiming to be a Christian or someone who has wondered why
there are so many people out there claiming to be Christians but don't even know what
Christianity is.

To jack Tino's style: "discuss"
Lili On January 14, 2018

Sunshine Land,
#2New Post! Jan 09, 2006 @ 08:14:46
That right there is the result when parents decide their children's religious beliefs for them. That is the result when people believe what they believe because it's what they think they "should" believe. When children grow up in an open-minded atmosphere, and are educated about the many different belief systems in the world, they can grow up and make their own decision based on personal research and an actual conscious choice.

I know someone is going to say something to the effect of "There's no choice to be made, there's only The Truth".

But hey, that's why I'm agnostic.
jwasafrog On September 18, 2010

, California
#3New Post! Jan 09, 2006 @ 08:18:09
lili, I totally agree. I think everyone has to decide for themselves what they
belive. It still comes down to truth, but if someone doesn't actually find the truth
for themselves, question it and actually prove it to themselves, what's the point?

If someone is taught something by his or her parents, it's not his or her belief.
People need to find the truth, no matter what it is, not just believe something is
true without understanding it.
jwasafrog On September 18, 2010

, California
#4New Post! Jan 10, 2006 @ 00:16:20
ok, I probably made a mistake posting this at 1 in the morning last night,
but I'm still wondering what poeple think of this.

If you hadn't seen this and find it kinda interesting, let me know what you think.

It kinda blew my mind.
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