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A new idea for the Terminator franchise

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Conflict On January 24, 2022

Alcalá de Henares, Spain
#1New Post! Nov 23, 2021 @ 14:19:03
As a tribute to a decidedly underachieving, and certainly endangered franchise, I have decided to create a synopsis for a new Terminator story. I would like your opinions on the subject matter I am about to present. Perhaps it already exists in some form that I am currently unaware of. If not, believe such a concept would at the very least make for an interesting read. Here we go:

In the year 2030, Skynet creates the prototype T-1000, a liquid metal being composed of thousands of nanobots, capable of molding itself into many forms. It is specifically programed to defend the inner perimeter of Skynet's fortress, as the artificial intelligence produces more T-1000 models. The prototype manages to hold off the resistance long enough for Skynet to complete its task, impersonating one of John Connor's officers and systematically assassinating many of the soldiers.

Skynet sends out five T-1000's with the prototype, who seek out and kill key members of the resistance hierarchy. One successfully finds and terminates John Connor. At this point, the standard units of Skynet's army move in, annihilating the now severely weakened resistance within a matter of months. The prototype continues to pick off key personnel, leaving the remaining soldiers to be slaughtered.

Now in control of the planet Earth, Skynet soon comes to fear the T-1000's whose battlefield feedback reveals they evolved into creatures that could develop minds of their own. It decides they are a potential threat and orders the solid terminator units to hunt down and destroy them. All but one are eliminated, which breaks into one of Skynet's time displacement chambers and flees into the past in order to escape its fate. It searches for, and finds, a member of the team that will develop the future Skynet at Cyberdyne Systems and takes its form. A lone T-800 is sent back through time to destroy the T-1000 and ensure the dominance of its solid metal kind.
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