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What even is love.

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anon64 On May 18, 2021

#1New Post! May 18, 2021 @ 04:14:00
You know, there are a lot of different reasons behind why a couple may be drifting apart, why they may be fighting all the time, and simply why they just might never be right for each other. To be honest I don't even know the answer, and I don't really think anyone actually does. I'm just some random 20 year old who has no idea what direction to take, who has no idea what life holds for those willing to live it, but yet I find myself troubled with one of the most common issues that a human can have, and that thing is something called love.

Love is something that I don't think anyone actually understands. At the very least, to me its just this feeling that will make me do anything for that one person. A feeling that keeps you up at night with butterflies or with tears. Something so unexplainable, but yet can make or break your day. The most troubling part of all is being able to distinguish the difference between loving someone, and being in love with someone. You see loving someone is easy, I love my parents, my siblings my dog, but being in love with someone, that's extremely different. Don't get me wrong, I have know this for a while but one thing I have just recently come to realize is when a certain person comes into your life, you will be fooled through lust into thinking you are in love with them. You cant just be in love with someone though, no that would be to easy. You see, once you fall in love, you begin to love that person. There's no way around it, and no way out because once you love someone there's no going back. I fell to fast, and I now love this person. It's been almost 3 years and I have just now realized I will never stop loving this person. The problem is this relationship of mine is toxic. It doesn't stem from one party, its not because of one party, its not even intentional by either party. No, this toxicity is just perpetuated. It's something that we are both aware of and something we still both do, but because of this love we have nurtured for each other it becomes an unsolvable problem. Are we still in love, or do we just love each other? Do we even love each other, or are we just to afraid to be alone. I may never know, and I just have to come to terms with that, but the wear it has on my mind, body, and soul will forever be eternal...
Electric_Banana On July 22, 2021

, New Zealand
#3New Post! May 29, 2021 @ 21:37:03
Love in a world like this is not validated, it has no substance and is seldom genuine.

Save your love for other worlds beyond this one.

Love in this world should just be a general kindness and empathic grace towards our hosts' broken, derelict & mechanical homunculi incarcerated with us.
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