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Relationship problems with my girlfriend Jenna Todd

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Ricky92072 On May 13, 2021

#1New Post! Feb 05, 2021 @ 16:17:53
I got out of a really bad relationship with Jenna Todd
the girl that I was with she forced me to send her a d*** picture and she all she wanted from me was sex and I told her I was not ready for sex and she told me I want to break up with you because your d*** is to tiny and I tried telling her I was born that way and she said can we just be friends I said ok but when I asked her if she still cares about my feelings or care about me and she said no she just wants a boyfriend that has a 10 inch d*** so she can have sex but I am sorry to say this but she has a disability to and she is taking pills to not have any kids right now
Jennifer1984 On May 14, 2021
Returner and proud

Penzance, United Kingdom
#2New Post! Feb 05, 2021 @ 18:51:05
A lot of women take pills to prevent conception. It's called "Contraception."

Glad to hear you're getting your life sorted out.

Take care. Stay safe.
Electric_Banana On May 15, 2021

, New Zealand
#3New Post! Feb 14, 2021 @ 16:51:25
This world was designed for the rich and pretty
The rest of us have to slug our guts off in factories making brick-a-brack and dandies for those arseholes.

This is why Contraception is a blessing: it gives us the option to deny a Christ, who happily operates a world like this one, our offspring.
Taquill_Rawo On about 12 hours ago

Valparaiso, Indiana
#4New Post! Apr 05, 2021 @ 07:36:08
You deserve better mate. If she fears having kids will hurt them, that shows who she is. Go off and be happy being single, being able to stick yourself wherever.
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