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Pokemon dumb story i made lol. Feel free to roast me

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m00nchild On October 09, 2019

Dayton, United States (general
#1New Post! Oct 09, 2019 @ 01:46:46
Alolan Vulpix's Sad Story


I was beautiful, and I knew it. My shining, glossy soft white fur and my bright eyes made me extraordinary, a very remarkable Pokemon and a nice sight for the eyes to see. But I was mostly popular for my tails. All six of them, white and fluffy, would swiftly wave in the wind and catch many of the Pokemon and trainers’ attention. But mostly, I’d catch the wrong kind of attention. So many other Pokemon thought I was weak because I was an ice type, and when trainers saw me they either ignored me because of how weak I was or because they just didn’t need me at all. I want to be loved! Most trainers nowadays only want Pokemon for gyms, competitive battling, or just to fill their Pokedex. Admittedly, I’m only good for filling the Pokedex and nothing else. Nobody seems interested in catching me, though. And other Pokemon make fun of me all the time because of how useless and weak I am. Not good for gyms, competitive battling, or anything else. But I know I’d make a good pet! A good friend to any lonely humans out there who just want a friend! If only I was loved..

(The Next Day)

t’s summer, and it’s so hot. This is not good for me at all. The shade doesn’t help me much at all, and I hide in chilly places like caves to keep myself cold. Because the heat is bad for me. I’m an ice type. I can’t wait till winter comes. But I wish I wasn’t so lonely. Everyone else seems so happy, why can’t I be like them? I have no friends and sometimes I wish I was a different Pokemon, because maybe I wouldn’t be so lonely if I was different. Sometimes I even wish I was born as a regular Vulpix, a fire type, instead of an ice-type Alolan Vulpix. Maybe I would be appreciated, if I evolved into a regular Ninetales instead of an Alolan Ninetales. Maybe if things were different, I wouldn’t be lonely anymore. If I could would all be okay..

(The Next Day)

It’s been a day since I did it. I laid out in the heat to try and get fire type powers, and then I tried to do a fire type move in front of the other Pokemon. And I ended up embarrassing myself. But of course I did. What did I think was going to happen? I’m such a fool, an idiot, a dumb Pokemon, just like Espeon said I was. Even a few trainers nearby stared at me and shook their heads. I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. I’m just going to go hang out nearby some houses..

(Two Days Later)

I was caught today. I’m in complete shock, but I’m happy. I was captured by a little girl named Mara, and she gave me a big hug and took me to her house. She told me how cute I was, and she petted my head and called me “Birdie.” She placed me down on the soft yet strange brown grass in her house and placed a bow on my head. “Stay here on the carpet,” She told me, and ran up a bunch of squares until I couldn’t see her anymore. I looked around. The house was nice and cool, not too hot but not too cold either. I would’ve liked it to be colder, but I was still content. There was a large rectangle in another den room, and a black cube with food cooking on it. The smell was making me hungry. Suddenly, Mara came rushing down the wooden squares with something in her hand. She walked towards me and put something around my neck. “Here’s your new collar,” She said happily. “It’s a symbol of our friendship!”

“Vulpiii!” I purred. This was my life. It was an unexpected turn of events, but I’m glad it happened. I guess she was my best friend now, and my new name was Birdie. Birdie wasn’t exactly a name that made sense, since I’m not even a flying type, but I was fine with it anyways. At least I wouldn’t be made fun of anymore by the other Pokemon. I knew that as long as Mara was my friend, I would never be lonely again.
DiscordTiger On about 9 hours ago
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#2New Post! Oct 10, 2019 @ 03:23:18
I think though sometime things that are cute and what perceive as weak are really strong because they usually exceed people’s expectations
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