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if you have my personality traits as well, add me on facebook

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JosephAsimeng On about 2 hours ago

Bronx, New York
#1New Post! Oct 08, 2019 @ 13:14:34
-if you seem whack,
-think you're cool,
-know a little bit of almost everything,
-(for the 2nd time)- watch a little bit of anime, play a little bit of games(both rarely),
-doesn't read mangas or comics,
-hates smoking,
-doesn't have or want pets,
-don't curse too much,
-don't watch much movies or tv shows,
-likes watching sports but doesn't know any sport stat right now,
-kinda bad at sports,
-mostly shy,
-go to church but doesn't know much about the bible right now,
-doesn't know much about politics right now,
-hates horror movies and doesn't pay or have bills,
-loves surfing the web,
-loves taking notes,
-is somewhat disrespectful if anyone is hard on him or her/ thinks discipline is rude but technically isn't

-loves being cool, smart and funny
-loves watching tv ads(sometimes)
-loves company facts and other facts
hit me up because all of those things describes me. On top of that i'm looking for more like minded online friends with these traits- fb: Joseph Asimeng
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