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Monster Legends [Strong Weaklings] Rules and Misc

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MonstoR On March 13, 2019

Denver, Colorado
#1New Post! Mar 13, 2019 @ 03:48:59
Hello, this was written by MonstoR LegenD, lead of "strong weaklings" on March 12th of 2019.

-Don't be rude to other players
-active in wars and always feed your monsters!
-Advertise only when necessary

Co-Lead Requirements:
-Must be active with at least 4/5 attack each war
-donate 10 or more of any cell
-must have an attack team with at least 2 epics or better with every monster being level 35 or higher
-Must be active and sign in at least 3 times a week (vacations or sickness do not apply, however for vacation it is recommended that you tell me at least 3 days in advance!!)

Other Co-Lead exceptions:
Be a friend of mine
Have a high level and 5/5 attack in war (POSSIBLY)

Other Reminders:
If you leave the team just because we aren't strong or we aren't getting enough players quickly to your liking, that is on you! Your impact on the team means a lot and every member is valued! Please, feed your monsters and complete adventure nodes!

This forum is not meant to put pressure on anyone, Co-Lead is not required and if you are not interested in it then you don't have to worry! If you are ever lost, stuck or don't know much about wars, ask me! I have tons of experience.
chaski On 23 minutes ago

Tree at Floydgirrl's Window,
#2New Post! Mar 13, 2019 @ 04:48:25

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