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Nick Clegg Apologises for Tuition Fee Pledge

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sister_of_mercy On March 11, 2015

London, United Kingdom
#1New Post! Sep 19, 2012 @ 22:28:18
Nick Clegg has apologised for the Lib Dems breaking their pledge to oppose an increase in student tuition fees.

In a party political broadcast to be aired next week, the Lib Dem leader says he is sorry the party "did not stick" to its pre-election promise. The BBC's political editor Nick Robinson said Mr Clegg had resisted making such a "clear and direct" apology for nearly two years.

Mr Clegg believed the decision to break his word by first signing then breaking a pledge to vote against fee rises had become a weight around his and his party's ankles, Nick Robinson added.

However, Mr Clegg does not apologise for backing the decision to raise fees.

He continues to argue it was the right move in the circumstances and the package offered by the coalition - in which no fees are paid upfront - was fairer for students than the previous system of university finance.

Full article here: link

Not the best article on this but it is the neutral option at least.

What do you make of this? Do you think this is more than him trying to cling on to power? Do you think he'll stick to his word now?

Has your attitude of him changed in light of this?
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