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SLAP: determining risk for suicide

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Raymondone888 On January 26, 2013
Rise above the cloud

London, United Kingdom
#31New Post! Dec 16, 2010 @ 10:06:04
@dragonpoet Said

usually those that do it and are successfully, do it very quickly and sometimes it is difficult to see all the warning signs. My younger brother hung himself only hours after discovering his wife was cheating on him. He made no calls to family or friends that would have been there for him, and to help him. It still bothers me to this day as to why he didn't reach out to us, he was only 21 years old when he took his own life.

I too, have had a family member who jumped from a forth story window.
I also had a dear friend who's girlfriend told him he was boring, so he hung himself. He left two young children.

It's so devastating to have someone close take their own life and from what you have said above, difficult to find total closure when we still have unanswered questions.

I think that when someone like your brother is in that much pain, it's only the pain that they see and want to escape from.

Some people love so deeply, that that person becomes their whole world, and when their world falls apart, they feel that they have no reason to carry on.

Also, I believe that emotional pain can weigh different for each individual.
Raymondone888 On January 26, 2013
Rise above the cloud

London, United Kingdom
#32New Post! Dec 16, 2010 @ 10:21:14
@Willi Said

had one friend come to my work to talk.
i wish i had just stopped work and talked to the dude.
but even had i taken the time, he did it after seeing her with a new guy at a bar that night.

2 hung themselves, girl issues.
2 shot gun, 1 had a.i.d.s. the other r.a.
1 overdose, not sure on why.

I would think that it would depend on whether it was a pre-planned or spur of the moment suicide.

In spur of the moment cases, when they just want out as quickly as possible, they will more likely use whatever means is at hand.

In planned suicides, there can be many reasons for the method chosen.
If they have a fear of water, they will not choose drowning.
If they don't like messy death, they are unlikely to choose shotgun.
If they want a peaceful death, they will choose sleeping pills or gas.

When people in the UK say "i'm choked" they mean that they are really hurt by someone close. I am unsure if this is why they choose hanging.
Alexandra On March 14, 2011

Tbilisi, Georgia
#33New Post! Mar 10, 2011 @ 20:02:54
well no surprise when loved people with friends and kids and all commit suicide, some subjects have had such experiences and traumas that can't be fully forgotten and they continue existing in our unconscious mind even though we don't think or worry about them at all and they influence us... sometimes even those who want to die don't realize why that's so...
I don't agree to end up life like this probably because of religious reasons, but I understand all those people.
drmbta On December 30, 2013

Montreal, Canada
#34New Post! Nov 06, 2013 @ 11:19:51
Even thinking about suicide freaks me out! i can't imagine death with my own insist! 2 of my friends had tried it with lots of pills! and one of them did it twice ! but fortunately they survived , i've talked to them a lot not to think about it again!i hope it has worked !
Commander4th On June 27, 2020

, United Kingdom
#35New Post! Nov 06, 2013 @ 11:48:20
Unfortunately Christmas is one of the worst times of the year for suicide's, it must be hard for people without anybody over the Christmas period.
twilitezone911 On March 25, 2019

Saint Louis, Missouri
#36New Post! Mar 10, 2017 @ 02:32:20
I wonder if a person who going to kill herself or himself.

I wonder the person think or image they are in a box or a room that in their mind that has no windows or a door that is closing in on them.

when the room is engulf them, then they just give up let the darkness swallow them up forever.

that the point they kill themselves.
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