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Your move, Senator Kennedy: Debate II

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brandonmacdonald On October 15, 2004

#1New Post! Oct 09, 2004 @ 02:40:19
Another excellent befuddled display by the commander in cheif tonight, no doubt. Highlights include him humming and hawing over everything from Stem Cell research, to medicare and his hilarious defense of his decision to invade Iraq and his tax cut. It's interesting to see him on display after watching Cheney the other night, because in Cheney you can see that there is intellectuals behind the Bush policies - misbegotten and tyrannical intellectuals, but still - and in Bush you see only the spokesperson, and you can tell he is getting his scripts a little late. The catch phrases come first with Bush, the labels, and then come the meandering, inexplicable words behind them. Listening to Kerry, while not loaded with aggressive rhetoric like "Smoke 'em" and so on and so forth, does take slightly longer before he gets to the point - but there is a point! Where Bush is misplaced words, Kerry has ideas! He has ideas, everyone! Finally! And here we thought a president's toughest responsibility was to name his initiatives and invasions whittily!

"You can run but you can't hide," he said. "From reality."

And you don't need to look very far to see he really needs to heed his own advice. "You might say I'm a steward of the land," he said in reference to the environment, before entering a three minute meandering list of the names - which Kerry referred to as Orwellian - of initiatives given to programs which repeal and lessen the regulations of environmental laws twenty five years old.

Yes, Mr. President, reality is catching up.

And it's the title of the thread, so it can't very well go unmentioned:

"Senator Kennedy is The Most Liberal Senator in the Senate," the Pres said before going in for a long, long list of complaints obviously meant for Kerry but pinned under the confusing guise of Massachusetts Ted.

It's another one for Kerry by me, but I'd be interested in hearing how Bush getting frustrated and rambly again is this time seen as a win for you Republicans out there, if of course that's the way you saw it.
seija On November 20, 2004

Little Rock, Arkansas
#2New Post! Oct 09, 2004 @ 04:58:56
I agree. I think Bush did better this time around though. I actually didnt catch too much of the debate so I cant really really say. I was coincidentally watching Easy Rider on AMC :D. I can however speculate that this time around, the Kerry victory wont really bump the polls too much in his favor.

I think its gonna stay around 50/50
jeoin On November 12, 2004

#3New Post! Oct 09, 2004 @ 16:36:39
our country is changing her mind.
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