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Are jobs really important?

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jeoin On November 12, 2004

#1New Post! Oct 08, 2004 @ 12:54:02

Of course Bush is doing all he can. And it is some very hard work. Do you think economic accountablity is a must, or can the loss of jobs be attributed to faulty intelligence. Maybe it was Osamas fault(good thing we have Saddam or gas prices would be high as well).

Smile. America is changing her mind. You can join the boat or you can defend the lies. its time for change. Vote Kerry.
brandonmacdonald On October 15, 2004

#2New Post! Oct 08, 2004 @ 16:45:29
I mean, is your question going after the aspect of job creation and the economy as an "actual" tool to measure the president's job, or only as something they can spin and turn back on Kerry somehow so they'll be re-elected?

It's plainly clear that after watching Cheney, their camp is bouyed by all kinds of false numbers and outright denials of key truths - lies (this steadfast commitment wasn't as obvious watching Bush, but, comon, speaking off the cuff isn't really the way he does things in Texas...). The economy is surely something the people of America should take stock in, and should hold Bush up for questioning on, but in the end they wil probably be snowed by the money the Reps spend on making Kerry look upfit to lead, basically like they have throughout the campaign, ignoring their own failures and so vehemently casting askanse glances at the other podium saying, But at least I'm not this guy.

I mean, he ran for office on a complete debacle of a record as Texas' govornor against one of the two men responsible for the only surplus in American economic history, and somehow enough people voted for him that he could get the Supreme Court to give it to him. Hard to trust the history the voting public has in that vein.
jeoin On November 12, 2004

#3New Post! Oct 10, 2004 @ 13:44:51
did you mention the baseball team he had? i think it developed a deficit as well

below is some more good job news. we will feel the effect of bush for years.
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