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#40 Patt Tillman

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jeoin On November 12, 2004

#1New Post! Apr 23, 2004 @ 21:47:20
A true hero. He was offered an officer slot, but opted for a position as specialist making 18,000.

Any cardinal fans out there? All of our soldiers are heros, but few turn down what he turned down to serve. I respect a man that moves with such conviction. Leading by example.
panetti On February 17, 2005

Little Rock, Arkansas
#2New Post! Apr 23, 2004 @ 21:50:06
Wow, that's absolutely awesome. Guys like that are one in a million.
brandonmacdonald On October 15, 2004

#3New Post! Sep 12, 2004 @ 21:08:00
this is waaaay old, but seeing this now reminds me what a crock of s*** this whole feel good angle of the war is and how it's getting to be crunch time down there (ahhh, being in a country with true principles again) and the whole machine of "liberation" and heroic propaganda is starting to fly....

gimme a break.... pat tillman was duped and you can file his wrongful death with the rest of the 1,000 other americans who have lost their lives for a lie.

w has his and countless others' blood on his hands and no answers to explain why, only hunches and cheney's smirk.
jeoin On November 12, 2004

#4New Post! Sep 12, 2004 @ 21:44:26
regardless of the slant it was still very heroish to give up a perfect life to get put in a situation where he could and did die.
brandonmacdonald On October 15, 2004

#5New Post! Sep 13, 2004 @ 02:19:57
...and i've got this huge pot of gold and candy and kittens right here in my van for the taking. You might die, but you'll be a hero for going along with my story...
harry_valentine On December 06, 2004

Little Rock, Arkansas
#6New Post! Sep 23, 2004 @ 00:21:20
This is the kind of thread that really provokes the evil side of me.
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