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On October 12, 2010 magus

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Anchorage, Alaska
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TFS Journal

Public entry trust me!
May 06, 2010 @ 09:59:52 pm
well my hair is much better now, now that i have used tresemme. i was more than glad to say goodbye to the garnier color shield conditioner, which i ran out of! even my whole spirit feels good, now that i switched to Color Revitalize conditioner :

i miss my friend lipp. i vonder vhat he is doing now? cheating on me. dying his hair to a blonder shade? he is real cute, and clingy to me! he is to dye for! his hair color is already a platinium blonde, naturally! he likes brunette! i like him.
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Public entry i wish for summer!
May 02, 2010 @ 10:06:09 pm
don't know what to tell you people? my hair is dry, and garnier is doing an okay job. i hope to find work soon? life is not fair, and i know that. going to that college left me in fear.

the discrimination, which i endured was painful. just because i'm gay. all that brainwashing left me thinkning, "do as i say, or get thrown out of my salon???!!". really people!! i miss my friend lipp! he is so cu-ooool!

i hope franc is fine?! i hope for the summer soon? that way i can do summer vlogs! i may just do them weekly?!
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Public entry fell for the enemy!
April 28, 2010 @ 12:55:38 am
how is everyone doing??? i am going to take it back to the music i love. gibson, aaliyah and so forth. i have been going through a lot of hell in my life, which my vlogs briefly mention. i live in a house, which is dominated by sociopaths. i live in a glass home!

i am just glad that my father is patient with me, and that he is, my dear friend. he put's a roof over our heads, and i thank him for that! i thank Him, for that! someday i will leave here, and i will smile. until then, i just have to endure and keep my head up!
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Public entry i love debbie gibson!
April 26, 2010 @ 10:39:12 pm
does anyone love debbie gibson?! i love her music, since it's free and easy! a friend of mine, reminded me of her music, when i was 10! so here is a youtube of one of my fave debs songs:

since that one time as 10, i have loved debbie gibson. i recently watched a filmed called, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus! that guy, that she was all over, was fine as hell!!!

Vic Chao

i may just bi, debbie's fragrance, "Electric Youth"!

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Public entry Aliens from Outer Space
April 26, 2010 @ 12:14:43 am
well my space vlog, is now open for thought! i wish i could've done this clip at night time, but it's still cold in this crap country?!!

well here are the goods:
Aliens from Outer Space!!!

i'm kinda chubby looking, as i sit down?! next vlog, i will stand up, to look thinner. my journey to weight loss, is not easy, but my progress gives me comfort!
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Public entry Blonde extension!
April 23, 2010 @ 09:18:38 pm
i just recieved an odd message, from a friend of mine. it was about hair, and i related to it. well here is my reply:

i dye my hair, and i love it. that's what it's there for! at my former college, people hated me for being proud of being gay.

i was suspended, for bleaching my hair blonde, which there was nothing wrong with. it wasn't against the rules?! truth is, people hate that i beautify myself. people always try to tell me, i have a problem because i don't like my natural hair color! i'm medium blonde btw.

that's prejudiced. of course, i know that these people just try to bring me down? they're jealous!

that's one of the reasons, why i left college? the beauty industry needed it's greatest consumer back?!!! well i'm back!

i hope my friend will be fine?
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Public entry Bleach Blonde!!!!
April 23, 2010 @ 08:31:59 pm
so, my vlogs are a mess. i did 2 new vlogs. the 2nd was about ufo's. but, it's 12 min. long? jaycut sucks ass, and didn't help at all! i'm gonna do a new vlog about space, and make it only 5 min.

onetruemedia, can be used. but it takes forever, to upload. i decided to go blonde, after i finish with red. why? cause i lost my bathroom, with the detachable shower head?! people wanna move in, and then take over, and forget that they don't pay rent?!

so, i will shall used one of these two products:

salon bleaching is best, but it costs a lot!
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Public entry Froze
April 21, 2010 @ 03:18:05 am
doing my vlog today, was a pain in the ass! child, there was bad traffic and it was cold. i almost got into a stint with a mean latin truck driver?! he was cool, but he parked right in front on the road.

not to mention, i had a b-room emergency! i drank too much water, when i got into makeup. i did my 2 vlogs near a jc penny furniture outlette. it was quiet and pish! 8)
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Public entry garnet red!
April 19, 2010 @ 01:55:10 am
my hair is succesfully the color of garnet. i like it. it was a pain in the you know, to get that roots touch up comb through my hair?! that relaxer made my hair so dry! i was shocked, cause i thought my hair would be in better shape for the coloring?!

if it wasn't for the biolage in-salon treament which i gave myself, than my hair would've been severely dry?!

my hair is silky, and in wonderful shape?!
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Public entry Fruity Joose!!!!
April 12, 2010 @ 01:25:39 am
Boy, you'll gotta hear this piece of juicilicious gossop that i need to tell you???

Now, if you all read my journal called "get out the umbrella!!!" , then you would know about the hard times, which i went through at this college! well, my friend Dan has been trough the same thing!

he is a faculty member, and i took his class, at the beginning of last year. he told me, that he wants to work at another school of any kind. he is tired of the racist -though not intentional- comments.

comments such as:

do you find it a struggle to live in america (he migrated to the u.s. 14 years ago)?

do you like lo mien, do you stir fry?

he even told me that, he got a bunch of gift/decorative cards for chinese new year- even though he is korean?

today, certifies his year long trek at this school. the last straw came when, he was told that he couldn't eat certain foods, or wear certain colors to work? if he did, then "Satan would OVERCOME HIM"? that was his last straw, and now he wants to work at a public school?! he plans to find new work ASAP?!

he even feels as if the school watches him as he shops, sleeps and even eats?!!

he's really cute, and we had a strictly professional "student to teacher" relationship.the class said otherwise, when i took his math class though??? big deal, they are just rumors?!

i wish him all the luck in the vorld?! later!!!
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