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Public entry Having A Great Time
January 10, 2012 @ 12:14:11 pm
Hi everyone. I just thought I'd drop a little line to the group, seeing as we're not doing anything this morning and I'm lounging around the hotel just chilling.

We're on our winter holibobs, enjoying the snow and skiing here in Meribel Les Alleus in the French Alps. The skiing is first class and the prices are very reasonable, considering it's the height of the season.

We're not out on the piste today because there was a heavy snowfall overnight, with strong winds and the avalanche forecast has gone up to level 5 which is a bit scary, so we're staying off the slopes until things stabilise a little. What a shame..!! We flew out on Saturday and have enjoyed some really great skiing since we've been here. The apres-ski is great as is the nightlife, too. Most of the locals have at least some English and my French is passable enough for us to get by. Manda's got enough German to get by on too. It seems that nobody here speaks Cornish, though. How odd. <grinning>

It's the first time we've taken our winter holiday in the French Alps. We usually head off to Austria for our winter hols because we have friends who live in Wien (Vienna) and take the time to visit them. Skiing and meeting up with old friends, two birds with one stone. Bargain..!! I've wanted to come back to France for a while though though, as I came here on a school skiing trip when I was 14 and loooooooved it. Perhaps we may go back to Austria next year. Or possibly Germany. Trentino in the Italian Dolomites is THE place to go, but it's very expensive. Oh well, one day, perhaps.

Just hearing on the radio.... and I hope my translating is right.... that up at Les Arcs, they're snow blasting as an avalanche prevention measure. Glad they're not doing that here. I'd hate to see our lovely pistes ruined..!!

Well, I hope you're all having a good time putting the world to rights, as we do on TFS. I'm going to have a little scope around and see what's up, and then we're going into town for some lunch. Apres-ski without the ski, today. LOL.

I hope the weather settles down. Can't wait to get back on the slopes.

Have fun everybody.

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Public entry St George's Day
April 23, 2010 @ 09:44:31 am
Wishing Englishmen everywhere a happy St George's Day.

Wear the red rose with pride and enjoy England's national day. Best wishes.
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